Tired Trailer Tires...Strike 3!!!

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  1. My Titan tires which came with my 17.5' Trophy have given me problems for each of the past three years. First, I hit a Detroit pothole & grew an instant breast. (not me, but the tire:) The next year a new titan got dry-rot cracks down in the tread valleys. It would no longer hold air. Finally, this year I took another pothole & blew the smitherines out of my Titan. I stuck with this brand thinking they were best suited for my rig. These are ST rated; but, my neighborhood used tire salesman told me to buy an E rated tire with more plies. I've heard good things about GoodYear Marathons & www.tractorsupply.com. He also told me to release some of that tire pressure when storing my boat for a long time. Any feedback is helpful.
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    GoodYear Marathons are the only way to roll, all other ones are very prone to blow out, treads shredding, uneven wear, etc. Marathons are pricey but they will not give you issues.

  3. I got two years out of the Titans that came on my trailer .... blew out in BFE Michigan in the middle of the night. Switched to Goodyear Marathons 5 years ago & absolutley love them. They track straighter & hold air like no cheap tire you've ever seen. I am a tight a$$, but that's money well spent right there.
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    Pun intended. There have been tire discussions forever with everyone having an opinion on what tires are great and which stink. However, there are some basic facts involved in the discussion. ST rated tires are for trailers and are designed specifically for that purpose. Plies in the tread do not help the sidewalls and that is where the ST tires differ from other tires. I have had different tires on trailers over the years and haven't noticed any difference until I got into a heavier boat. The little 14' and 16' V-hulls aren't real heavy unless you get into a boat like a walk-thru. They seem like they do fine with a decent auto tire. However, get up into the 2,000 lb range and the differences come thru pretty quickly. Sway, heat and handling all change when you load a trailer with automotive tires. I have noticed that the trailer handles much better with ST tires.
    I run Marathons on my trailer now because I also had issues with other brands- Carlisles, Titans, etc. I don't think that Goodyear has a lock on great tires and in fact stated here earlier that I'll never buy another Goodyear car or truck tire. But the Marathons have worked so far.
    I firmly believe that the biggest cause of tire failure on trailers is the way they are treated. They sit in one spot for months through the winter, they sit outside mostly and are exposed to sun and ozone and they routinely get run underinflated. I have taken to jacking up my boat when it sits in the driveway to take the load off the tires and I cover them as well to keep the sun off of them. I also make sure that I run them at the full pressure listed on the sidewall. I am waiting to see what these steps do for me down the road but having lost three tires in the last 2 years something had to change.
    I saw some prototype Michelins last year in an auto magazine that were airless- they had a dozen flexible "spokes" that absorbed the shock of impacts and had an expected life of over 80,000 miles because they would never experience a low-inflation condition. Interesting concept.

  5. +1 Thats all I use.
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    Another vote for Goodyear Marathons I'm on my second set in 13 years and they are still going strong!
  7. Thank You all once again for helpful info. I'm going to GoodYear next week.
  8. Also guys if you want to get the most life out of them you can treat them better,tire dressing just like car/truck tires.As others have stated ck pressure often and balance once in awhile ;) Most trailer tires are also 6ply instead of 4 :)
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    Go to tirerack.com and find them there.


    Here's the link right to the page. $82 ea and shipping for 2 to me in SW Ohio is $21. They come out of South Bend, Ind.

    Or search for your size online. Most Goodyear dealers are going to KILL you on the price of a Marathon. They normally don't stock them and will scare you with the price. I've been quoted $142 at the store near me in Beckett Ridge. (!!!!!!) I actually laughed at the guy. I HAD to buy one while in Destin, Fl last year and it ran me $122, but they had it in stock and I had no choice. When I upgraded to a tandem this year from a single axle, I had to buy two rims and tires. I got two Marathons from Tire Rack for $166 shipped to my doorstep. Had them installed and balanced at the local tire place for another $20. You can find them online for $75-$85 is you look. Don't go to the Goodyear guy- he'll stick it to you.

    As an aside, I've spoken to several tire reps who say that the typical tire dressing is actually damaging to the rubber- the petroleum bases in some will dry the rubber and accelerate the "dry-rot" process. Some do and some don't. Look in the ingredients to check. Armor All and another brand out there are that way. Just a bit of info for you to consider.

  10. Guess I left a part out :p You want a tire dressing that has no raw silicone oil base in it!That and uv light cause dry rot :( there are many good ones out there.Oh lets not forget ozone itself causing rubber to break down.
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    Had the same trouble w/ titans on my 2002 trailer. Put Marathons on 3 years ago. No problems since.