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  1. i plan to re-carpet my boat in the off season but i was considering when i rip up the floor to repair any damage and maybe even cut a few holes in and put some hatch lides for storage. What do i need to be aware of when i do this. obviously i need to know what is under the floor area i am cutting but will it weaked my boat? I have a 19 ft run about i/o.
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    you prolly will not have any room for storage under the floor. it should be filled w/ floatation foam and your gas tank.

  3. find the screws ,don;t rip up the old wood , use it as a templet to cut the new wood , and use quality wood to replace it or it;lll just fall apart in no time.
  4. If your boat is aluminum, you have to keep modern pressure treated (and most likley marine grade) plywood from coming in direct cotact with the aluminum. There is a chemical reaction between the preservative and aluminum that causes the metal to oxidize. Most lumber yards/home improvement stores sell strips made from vinyl to insulate the wood (used when building decks against aluminum siding).

    If you cut the floor out, use a circular saw. Set the blade depth only as deep as you need to cut through the floor. Also, cut the old and new on a bevel, so the new floor is "seated" by the bevel as well as the screws, glue, and glass. As far as screws go, you need special coated screws that are protected against the wood too.

    Good luck.