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    Can anyone give me some tips for fishing lmr this time of year? I was doing pretty good this early fall. but ever since it has turned colder no luck. I have been targeting smallies. but, would love to catch anything (smallies eyes stripers). I fish around loveland but not aposed to going up or down river. I will be fishing from bank. Any advise would be great. Thanks.....
  2. stipers are probably done for the year though if you picked one up i wouldnt be totally surprised. you can catch the sauger through the winter in 6-10ft of water with mild flow over sand with intermittent boulders. the smallies are going to start to winter soon but for fear of them being overfished while that voulnerable i donnot tell where i know they winter and i ask if you find such an area you catch a few and leave them alone, they can be taken on tubes fished very slowly through the winter. the lmr typically isnt that great a winter fishery, i think the majority of the fish either winter in the ohio or in the pools that are very difficult to fish. though with persistance you can catch some big sauger in the winter.

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    I sure hope you are wrong, I've had a poor fall fishing for white bass, let alone any wipers. I'm holding out hope for a couple of days of decent rain to bring the river (Ohio) up soon and maybe catch some there.

    I'm probably kidding myself, but I'm hoping that we get a few warmer days and the bite extends into December like last year....yeah, I'm kidding myself.

  4. once the water temp in the lmr drops significantly lower then the ohio the hybrids tend to move out. there are resident fish but they are down right now i would think with the cold water. you can somtimes pick some up in the lower river when the ohio gets real cold
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    I floated the lmr Sun in what I consider the prime stretch for hybrids(in my experince of this fall)and we saw no baitfish other than locals;shiners,darters etc,no shad or skips as the wipers want. We saw carp,smallies,some huge cats,carp,suckers,quills since the water was so clear,but no wipers/whiteys. Those show up against the bottom well cuz their pecs "glow" blueish-white from above. I wear my polarized glasses and I can almost count the rocks on the bottom of all but the deepest pools..which is where we caught the smallies,all of them decent sized,nothing under 14". We saw/hooked some fish from 5-6' of water but vis dropped off past7' and thats where we did best.Our best run was,unfortunately,in line w/ the 30 mph wind and drifting was difficult to say the least. We had to oar down and the wind would blow us back UPSTREAM! Had to make really long casts to get any kind of drift as the wind blew us upriver and stripping w/ the current while being blown upstream made it diffcult to keep the line as tight as I'd like to be in 10 FOW and I missed a few but did get a couple 15-16"ers and a dink sauger and a 12" spot.Best color was a black over gold/olive,started w/ pearl/purple shad but switched to more subtle as the sun came up.
    Here's the big(bad) news guys:the water was 47degF on Sun so I'd say the wipers are history. Too many nights of freezing weather all in a row blew it along w/ the last rain that took most of our big fish back to the big river.TC1
  6. I fished the LMR yesturday when it was 43 degrees outside with a very brisk wind. I managed to land 2 smallies and lost one in about 15 minutes of fishing. Both were taken on tubes and both were very fat. The fish werent sluggish persay, however, they didnt jump one single time throughout the fight. they stayed deep. I am not saying where I caught them bc honeslty it doesnt matter. The fishing is extremely similar through the entire river. I will say that the fish came out of a moderate to brisk current.

    Hope that helps you. Also i concur with the previous post about the sauger and saugeye in the LMR. They are not extremely easy to catch, but i do catch them often while fishing for bass. There was one day this year where I caught a walleye, sauger, and saugeye all in the same day. GL out there