Tips for fixing up an aluminum boat

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by JRock3227, Apr 18, 2008.

  1. My buddy and I just bought a 14' v-hull aluminum boat and it needs some work. Just wanted to know if anybody had any good ideas on how to make this thing into a decent bass boat. I'll try and get some pics of it up this weekend to give you an idea of what could be done!

  2. It depends on what your preference is for the layout of the boat.
    My last aluminium boat I put in 6ft of front deck, 3 ft of back deck, and a level floor between them. You can use the existing bench seats as support or you can cut them out and add in your own supports. Making the front and rear decks open underneath so you can slide your tackle and storage containers under them works good and is cheaper than making storage compartments.

    I prefer to use 3/8" exterior plywood with 1x4 pine boards for support. I like to keep the weight down as low as I can get it. I change my mind every couple years so I do not see the need to use marine plywood. I just paint the plywood to seal it then use some outdoor or marine carpet. As long as you keep the boat dry and covered the plywood will last for many years.

    I just did a 1548 Tracker Grizzly that is my primary boat over the winter. I a pretty happy with it, but it is setup for my needs with a big front deck, livewell, Plano tackle box storage.

    I can E-mail you some pictures of the boats I have had if you would like.