Tips for fishing Pymatuning??

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  1. My friend and I are travelling up to Pymatuning this weekend. We'll be launching at Marvin Road on Friday and Saturday. Does anyone have any tips on locations and presentations for catching some crappie and walleye or perch at Pymie this time of year? Anything that you're willing to share is greatly appreciated.
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    Our crappie club fished there today. Did pretty good in the linesville stumps. Got some nice crappies and a few big walleyes but a lot of small males too. Didn't do well with the spoons today. First time that has happened there for me but a few club members did good with them. Pink was the color that worked for them. Minnows under a bobber in 7ft water was best for me.

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    I would recommend the stump fields out from the Linesville launch for crappies, But i prefer the south end for walleye. Fish shallow, near the islands off 41bay area and there is a hump between the point off the jamestown campground area point and the main beach area, i've done well there for walleyes year after year.
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    i fished the fishermans point area last crappie....a couple of small perch and a nice 3lb. largemouth.......