Tips for fishing Buckeye lake ( liebs Island)

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  1. TO anyone out there who wouldnt mind helping out with any info or tips or nice area's to fish at liebs island that u can get to from the dad and i are going there this friday .... thanks for help
  2. If I were going to fish Buckeye Lake from shore this time of year,I'd hit the Northshore launch area off the pier or picnic point,or Fairfield Beach area.The water is deeper.Both areas are accessible and you'd have better luck catching crappies or saugeyes,Liebs gives up mostly cats with a occassional wiper but far and in between. Just my 2 cents for what it's worth.

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    I second peterdudes info. Take SR204 out of millersport to the signs for Fairfield beach. use shrimp or cut bait. Cats sre plentiful.

    Good luck