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Tips for Antrim

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Tyson614, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. Any tips for trout at Antrim was thinking about taking my young son this week and possibly the opener. Also anyone ever catch any large bass throwing large trout swimbaits? Any info is much appreciated

  2. Get there early!
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  3. fish wind blown areas.
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  4. I have had success with a minnow under a bobber. I have tight lined velveta (Wrapped the velveta in the spawn sac material) on a floating jig head and used french spinners . One year we did very well on Berkeley power bait. I have done well on the N. End and west banks or the S.E corner but that's probably a crap shoot.
    As far as large bass there... I picked up a 7ish smallie on a black jitterbug once upon a time many years ago.... W. side near the N end.
    Combat fishing for sure, not unlike the Maumee.
    Good luck
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  5. I watched somebody catching a lot of trout using the rainbow colored power bait right after they released the trout.
    It was working a lot better than other baits.
  6. I have probably had the best success for numbers with the power bait. For big fish, artificials or minnows.
    From what I understand they don't release the big ones anymore.
    Also, a little trout chow does get their attention as well.... not too much, they need to be hungry. Try mashing it up so the pieces aren't so big.
  7. I haven’t fished Antrim in years, but I also used to have success catching them on the colored mini marshmallows. Depending on the size hook, I’d use two or three different colors with a split shot 12”-24” above the hook. They are very visible to the trout as they will stay afloat off the bottom. And if you don’t catch any, you’ll have something to snack on if you get hungry!
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  8. Bucks4life

    Bucks4life A bad day of fishing beats a great day of work!

    I’m generally more interested in eye candy, than the fishing. Lots to see at Antrim.
  9. Give it about a month and start working large grape/black plastic worms and creature baits. There are some very nice large and smallmouth in that lake. Just have to figure out where they come to eat and spawn.
  10. I stay away from Antrim, but do fish Blue Limestone Park in Delaware. I have used my fly rod with small nymphs, but do much better with Berkley Powerbait Minnows, with split shot 2 ft up under a bobber. Its a deep quarry so I fish at various depths.