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    Do you guys feel that the $8 for 25 yds flouro tippet is any different than the $11 250 yd spool of flouro that i can buy and usually use for spinning gear? I feel like i am only paying so much for the convenience of having a small spool and it that is the case i will simply respool. it doesn't seem to fish any differently???
  2. The tippet material is thinner, stiffer and withstands more abuse. Yes, I feel it is worth the extra dollars especially when you are fighting a larger fish.

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    I buy bulk spinning line for my tippets ,seaguar is a good buy for the quality for flouro but I'm still a mono guy as I like stretch in my line when I hook a big fish.TC1
  4. I have used the same three spools of 6-10# Seagar in 250 yards spools. I have no problem with it from all the rocks, and zebra mussles I encounter on any river/creek I fish.
  5. I use bulk 250 yd spools for all my steelhead and rainbow trout. Steelhead fishing in dirty water, the quality of flouro I feel makes no difference. Once the water clears, I pay a little more attention to the diameter of the line. Thinner the better.

    Even throwing dry flies I use the bulk 2lb flouro. If your on a budget opt for the bulk 250yd spools.
  6. try 8lb maxima if the fish are not line shy, if you break it i'll be impressed. I dont fish floro much but if you fishing small flies (I fish lots of #20 down) get nice tippet, frog hair is great so is super strong, small diameter and good stength.