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Tinkers Creek

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by easternflyfisher, Mar 27, 2005.

  1. easternflyfisher

    easternflyfisher BassHaveOvertaken

    well guys I went to Tinks Creek about two or so weeks ago, and did some smallie fishing. its a nice little creek. seeing as it is only about 2-3 minutes from my new house, i will be spending some time there.

    anyways, I walked the creek for mabey 1 1/2 miles, in the snow and caught one 13" smallie. it surprised me, because so many people had said the smallies in there werent that big. I caught him on the fly rod using an #6 Blacknose dance, and he put up a good fight! i think i could get used to this Ohio fishing ;)
  2. Welcome to Ohio! Thanks for the report, keep them coming.......

  3. in what city or part did you fish the creek? Is most of the creek privately owned in twinsburg?
  4. easternflyfisher

    easternflyfisher BassHaveOvertaken

    im not sure, i was by ravs creek side. we parked there, and i hiked across the road, and up from there.

    as for it being privatly owned, i didnt see any no trespassing signs, and nor did anyone tell me to not be there.
  5. watch where you fish property line do not need to be marked and without permission you can and will get a ticket...
    WELCOME to Ohio and try that fly rod for some steelhead at the Rocky River ;)
  6. ok cool, tinkers creek runs right next to gander mountian also, right???? if so, HUMMMMM? If this little creek hold smallies and crappies I wonder if chippewa creek in brecksville hold any smallies/crappies??? Any idea atrkyhnter or anyone else?
  7. I have fished it in the cuyahoga national park and caught small smallies and the water lever there4 just did not seem it would hold anything big but that was at shallow summer pool too so hmnmnmn
  8. AndroDoug

    AndroDoug Duke of Bucketmouth

    Be careful when fishing Tinker's creek. It is considered one the most if not THE most polluted stream in Ohio. An estimated 80%, most times, of the water volume is recycled waste water from the numerous poop plants along the creek. Contact with the water is considered a no-no. Enough said on that! Yuk!
  9. fishing pole

    fishing pole Off the beaten path

    Twinsburg area is about the uppermost reach of the smallies in that creek. I would have to say that downstream near the cuyahoga is better. It is a blast to sight fish carp in there in the summer. Been wet wading her for years and never had any probs. There is only one poop plant upstream here. Problem is runoff on this stream. Need any more info email me
  10. easternflyfisher

    easternflyfisher BassHaveOvertaken

    alright, thanks for the info fishing pole!

    everyone had me little scared with the whole poop plant thing...
  11. hahahaha...
    If their brown float and don't put up a fight its C&R baby :eek: