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Used: tiger crank bait, silver crank bait, senko wacky rigged. Caught fish on one.
No giants but a great evening on the river. 5 rock bass. 3 large mouth. 4 smallies. Lost track of sunfish.
Water was warm, shallow and visibility was 2 feet.
Fish Fishing Bass Recreational fishing Common rudd

Fish Bass Fishing Trout Spoon lure

Fish Fish Bass Tench Common rudd

Fish Fishing Bass Fish Recreation

Nature Water Nature reserve Bank Green

I was blessed tonight to wade with beavers. My first encounter with these funny creatures. I was along shore in ankle deep water. Just to my left I hear movement. When out waddles (language at the time) holy sh$$ a f'n beaver. It slid in the water while I reached in my bag pulled on the iPhone. It was a moment that will last a lifetime. Every guy remembers his first beaver! It stayed in the area the rest of the evening. After a while 2 small ones cruised the water across the river. Swatting the water every few minutes. It really had no effect on the fish. A mallard followed them around. It was one of natures cool moments. Water Tree River Flood

Nature Water Nature reserve Bank Green

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