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Time to quit fishing?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by flathunter, Aug 8, 2004.

  1. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    I know I know, I complain alot about not catching fish, and threaten to quit :D
    But this is different, I dont enjoy fishing right now. I go because I feel it is something I must do, not because I find it fun and want to go..Some of it has to do with the terrible luck I have had flathead fishing this year, I have lost access to most if not all of my good flathead spots on the scioto, thanks to the actions of others.The few spots I have left are easy access spots, fished out by many..Fishing to me has become boring and depressing, and I find myself wishing more to be at work, than fishing :eek:
    I am going to start hunting agin, anything to keep me away from the water.
    Maybe it's just the type of fishing I am doing, but casting a bait out and setting in a chair for 8hrs without a bite has lost it's appeal.
    So my friends I ask you this, is it time to quit fishing? Or just take a break till next year?
  2. crappiebub

    crappiebub Justcrazy's Guide!

    Hang in there Jack! Wish I was closer to you we could go get skunked together. Although anyone that goes with me, usually catches more fish.

  3. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    FH...Every year, I know I reach a point of frustration as a basser...always THIS time of year. When the bite gets god awful for me, it does become work, and loses it's fun factor tremendously. A few years ago, I started eye fishing during those periods, and it totally gave me a renewed outlook on the sport as a whole. Just learning techniques that aren't 100% bass, really killed that "why do I keep doing this" feeling I get when the bass bite is non existant. In the spring, I've started to crappie fish a lot...sure, it's not like having a smallmouth come heaving out of the water in your face, but I totally enjoy the fast action. Mixing it up also changes the scenery, so you're not staring at the same spot with the same guys all the time.

    My suggestion is, DON'T sell yourself or the sport short! You've obviously have had some outstanding experiences fishing in the past, or you would've stopped a long time ago. You can have those again, and for the rest of your life if you don't limit yourself to what you feel the most comfortable with!
  4. Fish4Fun

    Fish4Fun Relaxing.

    I am with shake on this one god knows i have not caught bass every time out or any giants this year. But i am also trying to use it as learning, what did i do different when caught fish, what was the water like try new spots etc. I also love the crappie bite and those are the fish i will put in the frezer for the summer and have also just started trying the seye and hitting a charter or 2 to lake erie each yr. Take some grubs or worms and a kid and hit a great bluegill pond it will bring back the memories of why you love to fish.
  5. :eek: Hate to use a cuss word on this site, but maybe you need to bite the bullet and hit Catfishermans Paradise. :eek: Yea I said it - Pay Lake. I don't promote nor like what these lakes represent, but you probably will catch some big fish and get you back into it. Can't wait to here the guff I get from this one. :D If you only go once you can still be forgivin.
  6. mrfishohio

    mrfishohio Recovering Fishaholic

    Wouldn't hurt to take a break. That's what I've been doing, between my truck sitting until the insurance co gave me a go ahead to fix it, then it was in the shop. Then I'm nearly broke & can't justify taking off work and/or the $$ to fish (boats run alot more than bank fishing). So I did a little striper fishing during that time. Anyway, then my tranny or axle went out in my mini van I bank fish from. Got the truck back, started smelling oil, gear lube. At 1st I'm thinking it's the new hood & fender & grill, plus I had an oil change, just something burning off. Nope, found a few drops of oil, smelled worse, looked underneath, oil sprayed all under my bed. Front seal is leaking on the rear end. I'm figuing maybe it has something to do with the accident, since it was knocked back 3' in park. Anyway, it was a plastic bag that I ran over, I even remember it, last week(Wed) in KY, it blew up & I thought I saw it come back out, after a little distance, at 1st I thought it got stuck in the grill or exhaust. Anyway, apparently it got torn onto the driveshaft & wore a leak into the seal. Maybe I'll get it back Monday ?
    I've been staying real busy with work & volunteer work & church. I'm th enew unofficial photographer & we had a ground breaking ceremony last week & our annual picnic today. 125 pics last week & 222 this week, all have to be adjusted a little in the software, burnt to CD, etc. So it's not fishing, but I feel satisfied. When it cools down & they are biting a little, I'll be fishing........
  7. Jack...
    Hunting season is almost here... Thats the bright side and the fall turnover is coming... things are looking up.
  8. Try fishing for another specie that you have available in the waters you fish as well as new waters. I have been trying to catch a Erie steelhead now for five weeks and nothing to date but I know the first one will be very satisfying. Learning a number of new techniques and enjoying every fishless minute. It took me three weeks to catch my first river run steelhead on a flyrod but what a rush! Variety in types of water as well as specie's should help keep the challenge alive. Good luck. :)

    JUSTCRAZY Wurlds Wurst Spellor

    I've been targeting different species of fish all year. Started with stealhead, switched to wet socks(EYES), then crappie, to wipers or white, and threw in as many flatheads as I could get before it got to hot. Once I noticed everything slowing down, I got some of the things done which I had been neglecting. But it is soon time to start chasing the cats again. The water temps are dropping and the nights have been cool, so who knows. It just might be time to return to the water.
  10. hardwaterfan

    hardwaterfan Twinsburg, OH (NE OH, northern edge of Summit Co.)

    Sounds like it might be time for a break....try something else that interests you or get involved in an old hobby that you've neglected lately.

    Fishing will come never leaves you and eventually once again you'll have the fire for it in your belly.
  11. catking

    catking Banned

    All great answers and advice. I know what you are saying Jackson. I haven't really fished at all this year. I have been fishing for the better part of 43 years and I too lost my motivation. But , I went back to casting smaller rivers and crappie catchin during " The Break" and I am slowly getting the itch to start after the big boys again. Just took alittle longer that I thought ;) I will say it helps to go fishin with a few good friends, thst way if the fishin is poor, at least you can BS the night away :D Be seeing ya soon..................... CATKING :cool:
  12. mrfishohio

    mrfishohio Recovering Fishaholic

    Might not be a bad idea to save up for a trip. Maybe to the Cumberland River or Santee Cooper, James get the picture. ;)
    Might relieve a bad case of cabin fever in January or February !! :)
  13. catking

    catking Banned

    JimmydaCat finally makes a little sense :rolleyes: I take a few trips a year, and enjoy every one of them. I plan months in advance. This coming year, it's back to Santee Cooper carpin & cattin with Buckeye Bob and perhaps cwcarper.I'm not rich by any stretch, but I save here and there ;) I probably have 50 trips under my belt, From Canada, to Florida, to South Carolina, and the trips keep me going. My next big trip that I will be workin on is the Red River up north ;) ..CATKING :)