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Time of Day For Warm Water

Discussion in 'Fish on the Fly' started by Utard, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. Utard


    Spent a few hours in the afternoon the other day at my favorite pond and almost got :S ! I did end up catching 2 nice gills and a 14" LMB on a tandem Bugger set up, but that was within a 10 minute timeframe just after 9 pm. It was crazy. I think someone just flipped on a switch because I hadn't seen anythig but a big grass carp all afternoon, not swirls, none swimming...notta. Then once it cooled off they all came up in the shallows and started taking bugs and things off the top. My question is this: is it even worth the time to fish during the heat of the day (I'm primarily targeting bass, but the BG's weren't even hitting...) or do most of you guys just fish early and late and pursue other activities during mid day? If you can get down deeper where it is a little cooler the fish should still be feeding with this recent heat wave we've had, how deep are you guys finding them?
  2. sevenx

    sevenx "I sat by the river" N.Mc

    The hour before dawn untill the sun start to come up over the trees around 8 am where I am. I will fish later only if I am still getting fish. THis is the best bet. THe time of day you were out is going to produce well also . You can have a great time catching those gills on dry flies like midges or mosquito patterns untill you can't see them anymore and then switch to popper or deer hair bugs. Then go deep with streamer as they start to move off the shallows back to dropoffs and leadges etc. When it is this hot I won't bother during the day. Of course I work everyday so I can't anyway. But from everyone I have talked to latley morning is the best and get there early. S

  3. Yup, the dog days are here.

    That pond must be 85 degrees and clear as a bell by now...makes for tough fishing.

    As sevenx says early, real early or as you found out that "Golden Hour" after the sun leaves the sky and dark fall are your best bets.

    The gills and crappie wil sometimes run up shallow to feed right as the sun leaves the horizon and you should start to see a few bass starting to roam right at dark fall.

    Last 5-6 years the best time for Bass on Hoover for me was around 11 pm. Won't be fly casting in the dark so looks like I'll be getting up early until it cools off and we get some water in the system.
  4. I enjoy fishing during the afternoon, even on a blistering hot day. If you can find shaded areas, whether your fishing from a boat or wading, it helps. River fishing might dictate finding the deeper holes. I also target laydowns and logs, and can usually get some piscatorial action that way.

    (One of my favorite ways to unwind on a 90 degree day is to hit the Maumee River in the evening, even if it means flyrodding with 25 - 30 mph winds!)

    Dog days can be brutal, and I would agree with conventional wisdom, early and late, but I also tend to be unconventional.
  5. Fishaholic69

    Fishaholic69 Fly Fishing Addict

    to me usually between 7 pm to 9pm but i have caught fish all day before. seems now that its hot u can only get gills and stuff under a tree in the shade during the day. caught 5 today 2 were big and the rest was small. i caught 2 on the hi vis beetle and 1 on a copper john and the other 2 big ones on a black wooley bugger
  6. Remember that when it is comfortable for you, it is comforatble for the fish. They wiil be deep during the day, but not actively feeding. I have found the bite to be longer in the morning.
  7. Fishaholic69

    Fishaholic69 Fly Fishing Addict

    ya i know its like a light switch. one second they r bangin the next they r done! to me fishing anytime of the day is great. i don't care if i catch anything! just getting out with your buddies for a while and casting around is always fun. i have caught alot of gills top water on a 90 degree day and the next day was 75 and none bit till it was late. guess it just depends on all the conditions and what they r biting?