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  1. I was out last night and when I came in, my trim/tilt motor quit working.

    I have an '86 4 winns with a Mercruiser 170 I/O. When I hit the trim tab or the trailor button, there is no noise whatsoever. The reservoir is full, the motor itself does nothing.

    I am hoping its just the fuse, but, I couldn't find the fuse by the motor. Can anyone tell me where the fuse might be? Also, what could it be if its not the fuse or a loose connection?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. should be right by the pump.....

  3. find that fuse ,it could be any where follow the wires , even if it looks good clean the connections , they get oxidized. then the batt connection. I:LL bet on the fuse being corroded. there also should be two relays BUT ,it would be a freak thing for both to go out at the same time , sounds more of a no power problem . keep it simple .then look for harder things .
  4. I am having the same problem BUT.... I have a 1998 Mercury-Mariner and it seems that when i hit the pump motor it will work fine then all of a sudden it will quit. Could it be the tilt/trim motor is locking up, has a short in it. I can't seem to find out exactly what it is and have been trying to fix it for the last couple days but no luck anyone have any ideas, Thanks Guys
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    Most tilt/trim issues are do to a corroded connection somewhere in the line. A service manual will give you a wiring diagram to trace it down.