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Tilt and trim on a 25 h.p.

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by deadbetty01, Feb 20, 2005.

  1. I have a ranger cherokee 17ft boat with a 25hp merc, my question is i was thinking about buying a power tilt and trim kit for it but i was just wondering if it would be worth it for that small of an engine, would it have any noticeable performance difference? Would it make it easier to plane up or anything? Also the motor is a clamp on motor if that makes a difference. I was thinking of buying a bigger motor like a 75 or something but dont want to limit myself to lakes unless i get a kicker.i could trade my 04 25 in for a 75 2 stroke for somewhere around 1500 extra....any suggestions appreciated..
  2. freyedknot

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    i don't think you will gain anything in speed at most 2 mph. you will be able to run in shallower water though. a custom prop or carb upgrade would help more.

  3. I have a 25 also, clamp on Mercury.
    Get a HYDRO-Foil for it.
    It raise my 17 Foot Lund in a hurry, eleminates the china walk and rides fairly high in the water foir a dryer ride. Eleminated the tourk(Cant Spell) on it also.
    A trim will do the same except for the walking part.
  4. I already have the stingray jr. on it, also i have a diff. prop that gets the rpm's up to almost 6 grand at full throttle, i just wondered if my boat is too big or too heavy for a 25 or if the power trim would help get it up on plane anothe reason for the tilt is my boat is set up to be able to raise the motor from the bow or the controls and has a trim gauge and i hust wondered if that would all be compatible anyhow or if i should just get a bigger motor and a kicker 9.9 for atwood??? the boat according to the air speedometer says ot goes about 17 or 18...but it just doesn't feel like its moving good..also is there any other props i could try to get some more top speed or anything ?
  5. Go to a Merc dealer and tell him what your problem is.
    Tell him what you want to do with the boat for most of the time.
    He will set you up with the proper pitched prop to suit your needs.