Tiffin Smallies

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by cheezemm2, May 28, 2007.

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    Went out to the Sandusky in Tiffin on Sunday/Monday and caught about 10 smallies each day. Biggest was probably around 11" All fish were caught in decent moving water that was about 4-5ft deep. Yellow or white twister with a 1/16 jighead. Boy there are carp carp and more carp in that river.

    Think I found a place for the yaks in Tiffin though:D
  2. They don't allow yaks in Tiffin :)

  3. You drove all that way for Smallies? Shoulda just hit the Hoga! Were the whitebass still hitting?
  4. cheezemm2

    cheezemm2 Ohio State Alumni 05'

    No, I drove all that way for in-laws and as a halfway point to Lansing Michigan for the other part of the weekend (Aunt's 50th bday).

    White bass don't make it into Tiffin because of the dam in Fremont. I was limited to my choices, but I figured a couple hours both days and 20+ fish total isn't too bad.

    Agreed on the hoga though...pike/smallies are some of the best fish to go after!