Tied my personal best today

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    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    Today I tied my personal best with this nice fish. This fish measured 30" and no exact weight as I didn't have a scale.

    Good day of fishing. I didn't count but probably around 10 fish caught, double that hooked up, and double that number for missed hooksets.

    Drifting spawn was the ticket today. Also got one on an inline spinner.



    Next pic is of a nice fresh fish.


  2. bigcats28

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    nice fish. pretty color already
  3. Very nice KSU, I can't wait till I can get back up to the North East I think I am going to try Hidden Valley.
  4. Ben
    Nice fish !!!... wish I could of been there with you guys , we will have to hook up soon , if you get a chance give me a call
    Fish On !!!
  5. Thats a nice one ben, congrats
  6. ..lol.. whats a steelhead .. lol.. Its been way to long!

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    Below is a pic of my partner "Xray" and his fish.

  8. nice fish!!!....gotta love it when u get some fresh steel out of the river....amazing fight....that one has a hell of a beak!
  9. Nice job, Ben! Planning on trying again Saturday in the tribs. Still looking for that first chrome!

  10. CoolWater

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    Nice catch Ben! Real good looking fish!
  11. findiesel

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    Let me know if you want to head out on Saturday. I am still trying to find someone to go with.
  12. sweet fish.seeing that fish maks me want to call off lol
  13. I am going out east on saturday, i hope i do as good as you did. Nice fish man!!
  14. johnboy111711

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    hey, thanks for sending me the pic while i was working...kinda made me jealous...sweet fish