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  1. I baited my gravel pit an hour before heading off to work midnight shift. I saw several carp jumping as I baited the hole and was certain that carp would be gobbling up my chum in no time.

    After getting off work, I returned to the pit only to see a lake that was lifeless. Nothing was jumping. After four hours and one tiny bite, I started to round things up to go home. After being up all night, the thought of laying in bed sure sounded good. Then I got a good run. Right off I could tell it was a good fish, It wasn't fast, but slow and strong. The fish took me around a stickup and had to wade out in the water to free my line. The fish refused to swim back to the other side of the stickup where I had my net. So I was forced to let him take line out so that I could make it back to my net. Well, I got the net and proceeded to gain ground on the carp. He slipped in the net on the first try. The fish measured 33" and weighed 21 lbs. The fish was very fat and healthy and it made me feel that there must be even bigger fish in the pit.

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  2. mrfishohio

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    Nice job, it's not the same fish is it???

  3. crappielooker

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    nice fat one ya got there..
  4. catking

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    Very nice looking carp !!! Hey , I probably rate the gravel pit lakes as #1 in search for giant carp. There are a few in Loveland that 40's are taken every year, and I know there are probably a few bigger.... The largest carp cwcarper ever caught was in a gravel pit , and the largest carp I ever saw weighed on a legal scale was from a gravel pit ....47 pounds if my memory is correct....THE CATKING !!!
  5. nice fish. I would stick with the gravel pit. I would agree with everyone else. I know of one in town that I don't have permission to fish any more. I was able to watch fish for 3 years and Could judge pretty well the sizes. There is no doubt that they would be pushing 50lbs or more. sound unreal, but they look unreal too. Only saw 2 that were that size, but they looked real fake they were so large. Sounds like you are just starting to figure out the true potential. I would not doubt it if there were carp in the pit larger than 30lbs or more.

    Thanks for the picture :D
  6. DaleM

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    Very nice job man. I bet you weren't even tired after that catch. At least not for a while anyway.
  7. I am wondering that too. Now that I woke up, I'll have to look at the picture of the 21 lber I caught there last year and see if they are the same fish.

    A few years ago, I believe I saw a carp in the 30 lb range break completely jump all the way out of the water. It was from a distance, but it sure looked big. I think I'll head back there on Thursday morning.
  8. If you look at the pic of my 21 lber from last year, you'll see a gap between two rays of the first dorsal fin. I don't know if those gaps repair themselves. Here's last year's 21 lber.

    It could be a even 20 lber from two years ago. Without unique marks it is hard to tell.

    I caught a 17 lber there last year that weighed 19 lbs the year before. The fish was 34" inches long. It had lost 2 lbs. Inside it's mouth was a rusted size 6 treble hook. Perhaps the hook caused stress on the fish.

    There has to be a 25 lb or better fish in there. It's a matter of putting the time in and going through lots of fish.

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  9. mrfishohio

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    I don't think those fins heal up. It's nice to have pictures.
  10. flathunter

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    very nice looking fish, you do have quite the hotspot!