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Tick Warning

Discussion in 'Backpacking, Hiking, and Trekking' started by cheezemm2, Jun 6, 2017.

  1. cheezemm2

    cheezemm2 Ohio State Alumni 05'

    Well, all this backpack talk got me out for a 10 mile day hike in tar hollow state park this past Sunday. I had some weaker OFF on with a low % of DEET, but did have a very, very small tick (likely deer tick) that was starting to embed just above my hiking socks. Wife had one crawling on the base of her neck, and dog had 2 visible crawling on him and one this morning that was dead from biting him (he's treated for them). It's supposed to be bad this year with the mild winter and if the mosquitoes and ticks on this hike were any indication, I believe it!
  2. I know there bad down here in Tennessee. went fishing in a pond and had to walk through a section of woods. found 9 ticks on me and got 5 that had bit me and dug in. flushed them down the toilet. wasn't using any repellent to keep them off.

  3. I invented a product that works great. You spray it all over your friends before heading out. It's called ON. :rolleyes::p
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    YAK_THE_FLIPPER Just South of Cincinnati

    I have pulled off two this year already. One was so very tiny I really had to examine it closely to even recognize it as a tick. I hate wearing insect repellent, but I might start. I don't want to end up with a disease from a tick bite. The diseases that ticks carry appear to be getting more widespread and more severe. I know a person in Southern Ohio that became ill after a tick bite. His doctor recommended he no longer eat beef or pork.
    I googled this condition and found this- Bites from certain ticks, such as the lone star tick in the US, which can transfer this carbohydrate to the victim have been implicated in the development of this delayed allergic response which is triggered by the consumption of mammalian meat products.

    YAK_THE_FLIPPER Just South of Cincinnati

    On June 15 I made a post about the tick spread disease that causes you to be allergic to mammal meat. I was aware of it because some of my family members had contracted it. On June 17 I awoke in the middle of the night with my face swelling and my body covered in hives. My doctor confirmed this week that I have also contracted the Alpha Gal allergy from a tick bite.

    I strongly urge all persons who spend time in the outdoors to take the necessary precautions for ticks. The Alpha Gal situation exploded in North Carolina and Virginia and is now very present in the mid west. There are probably OGF members who have it and don't even know it. If you ever eat meat and then experience unexplained itching or rash hours later you should research Alpha Gal. The reaction usually comes later in the digestive process as your body breaks down the meat. You may experience mild reactions or you may be unfortunate and go into shock and not be able to breathe.

    My experience was a very common story among people who have the condition. I ate a big meal of relatively fatty meat then woke up in the middle of the night having an allergic reaction. I was camping and the meat I had consumed was 2 large bratwursts I had cooked over my campfire. I awoke in my tent with my body on fire. My first instinct was my sleeping bag was filled with chiggers. Then I thought that perhaps I had somehow burned poison ivy or something similar on the campfire and the smoke had saturated my body. The allergic reaction grew in intensity quickly. I made the decision to throw all of my gear in the truck and drive somewhere to get Benadryl or go to an emergency room if I continued to get worse. Fortunately I vomited as I was quickly packing my gear up. I must of expelled the allergens because I started to recover about 20 minutes later.

    There is no treatment for Alpha Gal. I can only hope after a few years that it will lessen over time. I will be tested every year to see if am trending down. I can only be optimistic that if I avoid more tick bites in about five years I can return to eating mammal meat such as beef, pork, and venison. Until then I will be living on fish, chicken and turkey.
  6. Been reluctant to prep for deer season because of ticks in Jefferson County. During turkey season pulled 13 off my clothes and body in two days. Got so bad I was paranoid the whole time