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  1. Its that time of year
    Ticks have been bad in the areas we turkey hunted

    Tick Removal Hint

    Apply a glob of liquid soap to a cotton ball. Cover the tick with

    the soap-soaked cotton ball and let it stay on the repulsive insect

    for a few seconds (15-20), after which the tick will come out on

    it's own and be stuck to the cotton ball when you lift it away.

    Please pass on; everyone needs this helpful hint.
  2. good idea. we used a match just put out on the rear end and it would back out real fast..........god i hate those bugs

  3. Got a couple on me a few days ago at Deer Creek, the brushy areas I was in a should have known it was going to happen, lately I have been finding them before they bury themselves.
  4. Not sure I could wait 15-20 seconds to get it off of me. Those things gross me out.
  5. I have nightmares. husband came home from fishing a pond and had oh 10 I think on him and his clothes. I freaked out!
  6. Funny thing is the minute I began to read this thread I started to itch:D funny how your mind will always play tricks on you with certain subjects.
  7. Every time I hear that now I think of Brad Pasley's new song!
  8. Pigsticker

    Pigsticker State record bass or bust

    Every time I go to my secret spot I get a few ticks. i must be really lucky because I bet I pulled 100 ticks off of me last year and not one had bitten me yet. Or I must have elephant skin.
  9. Ive always heard that using heat or chemicals to remove ticks will cause them to vomit into you and leave you with potentially nasty germs. I learned in the Boy Scouts to use a credit card and flick them out.
  10. ezbite

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    TICK VOMIT!!! now thats repulsive :eek:
  11. littleking

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    just use a pair of tweezers or needle nose pliars... not that big of a deal to remove
  12. Darwin

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    This was athe most common way for years around us......We found out though that this can cause the tick to regurgatate or vomit and cause an infection. Tweezers or needle nose pliers will work. Don't pintch the body, just grab them up as close to your skin as possible.
    By the way, I can't stop scratching my head after reading this post!:p
  13. You gotta love this time of the year with the ticks.:rolleyes:

    I was out in the yard in the evening and then I woke up in the middle of the night and felt something crawling on the back of my leg. Yup, a tick! I didn't inform my wife of that or she would not have been able to sleep for days.:D
  14. Here is another gross tick story.

    Actually the small ticks don't bother me at all as I seem to deal with them almost on a daily basis. The ones that creep me out are the large bloated style that get on dogs. I am not sure if they are a different species or just a bloated one of the same kind but nevertheless they look like a large white kernel of corn. A couple of weeks ago I was walking through our house a spotted something on the floor and my first thought was that the kids dropped some of their food when they cleared the table. So I just reached down and picked it up. Definitely not food but in fact one of the largest ticks I had ever seen. It was so fat you couldn't hardly spot any legs on it.:eek: Now I will agree that those ones are repulsive.:eek:
  15. 2talltim

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    that what they would look like is you left them on you for about a week
  16. NewbreedFishing

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    i like picking them off and popping them.....spill the blood~
  17. :running hands thru hair checking now: [​IMG]
  18. Lewis


    Ticks have been terrible around my place this year.
    You should see a couple of ticks that I pulled off my horses.
    Their ass looked like a grape!:D
    When you see those giant bloated ticks it means they are full of blood from their host.
    They all start out about the same size,as they fill with blood they bloat,but when they get too full they back their heads out and let go.
    Talk about a useless creature...I guess the birds enjoy eating them.:(
  19. 2talltim

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    they fill up with blood to incubate their eggs then they lay their eggs and die here a pic to make you itch some more

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  20. Yeah, to give you an idea how big that one was that I found it was way more "engorged" than that "semi-engorged" one in the picture. Like I said it was so fat you could not hardly see the legs at all.:eek: