thursdaynite berlin results 6-28

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  1. 1st place was boles& murphy 7.53lbs 2nd was criss & joe quessenberry 6.35 lbs 3rd was reelady& reelman ( marcia & rob) 6.15lbs big bass was polowitz&gondle 3.04lbs we had 18 boats out there . this field is slowly but surely growing. a speacial congratulations also goes to reelady as thursday nite also made back to back paydays for her as she was also a 1st place winner at mosquito wed niters!! we will be off next week due to the 4th of july holiday but we will resume july 12th as normal.:B i want to wish every one a safe and happy 4th of july.
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    Guys you need to get and fish these if you can. Berlin is an awesome lake that gives anglers the opportunity to hone a wide variety of angling skills.

    Everything is spelled out up front from the rules to the pay outs, with weekly updates on the championship pot.

    Finally you can tell that Mike really wants to run this circuit properly. He pays attention to the details and preaches sportsmenship.

    See you guys in two weeks!

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    That was just my fourth time ever on Berlin, and only my second tournament. I LOVE this lake, even though the fishing can be tough.
    I think you run a GREAT tournament, and I LOVE how you lay out the rules. This leaves NO room for error which is good for both you as the tournament director, and us as the anglers.
    I thought it was really funny when you announced that you were lurking around some corners to make sure that your anglers were obeying the "no wake" areas. :D
    I really respect the fact that you are doing everything in your power to make sure that we all respect eachother out on the water, that all rules are followed (or you're out!), and that you leave nothing up to "interpretation".

    Hopefully the field will grow and grow as the word spreads. I only wish that Rob and I got out on that lake long ago!!! Everyone needs their weekly "smallmouth fix" don't you think??
    Unfortunately, I don't think that I will be able to fish enough of your tournaments to qualify for the championship because of my crazy schedule.
    Next year I will definitely plan on fishing them from the beginning so that I can fish the Championship :)