Thursday evening cool experience

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by Header, Jan 25, 2008.

  1. What an evening. Thursday it was in the teens and after 2 ½ hrs, sitting 20 ft up a tree, I decided at 5:30 I was cold and done, while I thought this is prime time just before dark, I took a last look around and lowered my bow and backpack, w/camera phone, to the ground and started down the tree with my climber. You know you can’t be all that quiet on the wild cherry bark, so you do grind a bit. About 8ft from the ground behind the tree I noticed movement; it’s a deer, buck, 4pt. at 15 – 18 yds. Ok, I’ll sit on my handrail and watch. There’s another, it’s also a 4pt. just behind him. I watch for about 10 minutes they go to my left and there’s another, it’s a button buck how cool. No wait, there is still another coming it may be the same 6pt I watched under me before. With that said, they all 4 still had their full racks. This time he’s eye level and good body sized. Well I know these are all non-shooters and I already used my buck tag so I’m just watching. Did I say I was cold when I decided to quit, I’m now starting to feel my toes are real cold. The first two are now to my left at 10 yds. lightly stomping and looking past me. I can see they’re focus was under my feet and their heads where not looking at me. The second two are coming my way still behind the tree. Well after another 10 minutes I decide I’ve got to go “HEY GET OUTTA HERE” they booked and I’m not busted. Very cool experience. I always think of taking the camera but think if I'm taking a picture I could miss a shot. Have you ever had a deer you know was looking past you? Several years back I had another 4pt in October standing 5yds in front of me and leaning its head to the side to look around me.
  2. Sounds exciting...thanks for sharing.

  3. Awesome. That's what really keeps you going on these cold days. I had a similar situation earlier in the year when it was cold like this. Wish it could happen every day.