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Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by AndroDoug, May 21, 2004.

  1. AndroDoug

    AndroDoug Duke of Bucketmouth

    I sure hope everybody was able to get off the lakes this evening when that massive bow echo tore through NE Ohio. Those storms reached some of the most severe levels T-storms can reach. They moved through NEO at an incredible clip of 50 MPH. Winds were recorded as high as 99 MPH in some places. Even if you saw it coming, it came so fast I bet alot of boaters were caught in it. I hope no one was hurt. Wide electric-only lakes like LaDue and Nimi, there was no way someone was able to get to shore from the middle of the lake, from the time they became visible, to the time they hit.

    Tell us your stories, I am sure there are some doozies!

    PS- I wasn't fishing, but rather driving at that time. Being in a boat might have actually been better!! :rolleyes:
  2. ..throwing the fly rod to some nice bull gills untill mother nature said ok enough playing hookie today from work .. lol .. The lil mog went to white caps in 12 minutes, and I saw some poor souls stuck against the banks on the far side of the pond, and wow I got buzzed by a trumpiter swan today! I saw him/her chase a canadian goose of her roost today wierd never seen that before, and the slimne is at an all time high at mog!

  3. culprit

    culprit Culprit

    That was my first thought when that storm hit, that I was glad I was not out on LaDue. I usually keep an eye to the west when I'm out there because I've been caught in a few storms like that out there.But that one hit so fast & such high winds that the nearest shore would have been a challenge.
    I was planning on heading out this morning but with yesterdays,the one that just passed through & the one showing up on the radar I think I'll stay home & wwork on the honeydo list.
  4. I got caught in a storm like the one yesterday, about 15 years ago, I was out on east branch res, it was in May to, mid afternoon hot and humid,back in the days when smoking a little weed was the way to go when out on the boat so I was not feeling bad :rolleyes: all of a sudden the bass turned on and I started catching fish with everyother cast! it was great, I never saw the storm coming till it I felt the temp start to change than it was to late I had just enough time to make it to the big island northeast of the boathouse when she hit, I have never been as scared as I was that day!!! on an island covered with trees, wind howling, lightning cracking all around, needless to say I plea barganed with God that day! It left such a impression I still remember it like it was yesterday :D being older and wiser now I always take the weather in consideration now when ever I go out.
  5. johnboy111711

    johnboy111711 SOLID MEAT

    As of 930, the flood waters are still climing my yard. it's about 20 ft from my house and even with the foundation. Since this morning the water has risen about a ft. Anyone know why the creek by us isn't flowing into the tusc & the o&e canal? BTW i live in copley.
  6. Live in Akron off Portage Trail Rd

    Mud Brook is a raging mess, of mud (go figure) but I think may have crested.
    Water topped the one bridge remaining, because the others washed out last year, that I have to get out but receeded. Some very large 10 ton + quarry stones have been washed away as well as hundreds of tons of earth from major stream bank erosion. Debris everywhere and sand deposits all over the valley from where the water receeded. Much of the natl' park is closed off because the waters have topped the roads.

    And the ironic thing of much of the destruction, is this apartment complex is a classic example of what not to do to a stream corridor; channelize it, remove the riparian corridor, low head dam, and tons of shotty drainage ditches (that have been completely washed and eroded out) dumping sediment into the river. And guess who won that battle...
  7. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    I was at the private lake you're not allowed to be at. I was on the cell talking to a buddy in Copley and he said I better run for my truck cause the line is coming FAST. I told him the truck is 2 miles away and I'm watching that sucker coming across the lake.
    I gathered up my stuff, put on my trusty Army poncho and walked back into the woods a little and sat down to watch the show.
    The line came roaring in and I couldn't see the lake 10 feet in front of me. That lasted about 5 minutes when it let up somewhat. I figured that it would pass but an hour later I said the heck with it and went home.
    The fishing has been great this past week (except for Sat. morning) especially right before the storms pass through in the evening.