Thunder bay river, Alpena Mich...

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  1. I was up there last weekend...awesome scenery and great place to be fishing from a boat. I fished in the river thru town and upstream in one of the "lakes" wich is a wide spot in the river created by 7 mile dam. The water is bathtub temperature and may be too warm for good fishing right now ( I dont really know since its my first time fishing there ),...we still caught 2 largemouth bass and a pike without working too hard. Even though we didnt catch a lot, the location and scenery is awesome ....I will go back :)
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    I went thru that area on the way to Fletchers and we stopped at the town of MIO and it was really nice. Tea-stained water ...looked awesome.
    One day I would like to do that long float of Au sable River.