Throwing in the towel.

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by KaGee, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. KaGee

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    I give up. Mother Nature has won. Every week it's something. Wind or rain. Gail Warning this week. My niece is getting married next week. Tired of fighting... going to start the winterizing and put the old gal to sleep for the winter. :(

    Looking forward to Turtle Creek in the spring... if Mother Nature sees fit.
  2. i hear ya!!!going to see what next weekend brings and then winterize:( :(

  3. starcraft

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    Not a erie guy but the weather has really messed up the fall bite:mad: Front after front and high winds water temp dropping fast. Almost like we skipping fall and going to winter.
  4. ditto that! Got a 14ft to use if mother nature will allow it. Deer season soon!:!
  5. guys don;t give up , I keep my 22fter in a heated shop JUST IN CASE we get a good day , I have open seats lots a times. I go mostly at the drop of a hat, weather looks good I:M gone.
  6. A distinct advantage of outboard power is the ability to have the boat available all winter and not worry about freezing. Two years ago we were perching on December 22nd.:)
  7. yup, last year i was walleyeing off of sawmill creek on the saturday before new years! limits of nice hogs. I never winterize mine.
  8. The best fishing of the year is year is yet to come. Last winter we fished Erie on soft water up into December (before it got real cold/iced up) and again on January 7th with some really great days out there. I realize an I/O makes it tougher.

  9. yes it does and that is what i have!!!
  10. I used to suffer from the same Lake Erie disease.You invest your excess cash and much of your future happiness and freedom and then feel that all fishing now must be done on Erie.
    I had some great days there but was never wiser than when I sold that boat and got back to the more productive, pleasurable, and more economical inland options.Now that I'm liberated, there's always somwhere to go.
  11. KaGee

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    Me too... And raw water cooled to boot. Small Block Chevy's and freezing don't mix very well.
  12. ezbite

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    thanks for you insite:confused:
  13. fugarwi7

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    Don't bail yet...I had two of my best trips last year AFTER Thanksgiving...but I guess if you do that will just leave more for us guys who hang on to the very end! ;)