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I had an unexpected weekend of fishing. Saturday I had hopes of catching up on some much needed sleep. I told my buddy Chuckebo that I wouldn't be able to fish in order to sleep in, yet when I tried to sleep most of the morning away, I awoke at 8:15am and knew once my eyes were open that I was not going back to sleep....
I asked my wife and daughter what their plans were. They informed me that they were going shopping for a homecoming dress and shoes...... Nope, not me.
I kind of puttered around the house, called Chuckebo to see if we could salvage a trip but he had made other plans. Looks like its just me then....what to do? You know don't you?!
I hit the WWR around 10:00am. Initially I thought I'd wade a bunch of holes, you know, fish a hole, drive up stream and hit another and so on.
What sounded like a better plan was to rent a kayak and do an 8 mile float.
With hopes of getting the big girls trying to get fat for the cold weather ahead, I packed lots of tackle for two different presentations.
The day seemed promising as I hit the first hole and within 3 casts landed a modest 12" smb.
It took a while but I tied into what ended up being the best fish of the day nearly an hour after.
ImageUploadedByOhub Campfire1379403357.537607.jpg
On the next cast, I caught a short saugeye.
My next fish came from a deep hole I've had luck catching hybrids out of but only managed to bring a 12" white bass on board.
Things slowed down after this. I attacked every fishy looking spot vigorously with nothing to show for my efforts.
I arrived at a nice little spot that I really like the looks of but have only had moderate luck from. Again, I sat on this spot. I had a follower, a hit that didn't hook up and as I was letting the current take me away, tossed a green pumpkin worm to a transition point and caught another small smb.
ImageUploadedByOhub Campfire1379403410.435752.jpg
The long and short of this float was that it seemed like the big girls were locked down and not interested in my offerings.
I caught a lot of the same sized fish and for some reason caught more lmb's than usual....
ImageUploadedByOhub Campfire1379403437.688559.jpg

I woke up with every expectation of spending the day with my wife but she informed me that she and her friend wanted to kayak the WWR for the last trip of the summer.
I had no intention of being a third wheel and I had just fished that same stretch so I bowed out and headed to the LMR.
I went to my all time favorite hole on the LMR. This year had been tough fishing in what was my most productive stretch of water last year. This day was to be no different. Not a single bass was taken in what used to be a near guaranteed fish catch spot.
I caught some small bass here and there and even had a 3 lb shovel head on that had me convinced that I had found a big smallie but it took one look at me and spit my lure at my feet. If I look that ugly to a flathead, man. I must be hideous!
I abandoned this stretch and drove up to a spot I have ALWAYS caught good numbers but.... Nada! What gives?!?!
I headed downstream and threw a spinnerbait into a long riffle and caught another short smallie.
ImageUploadedByOhub Campfire1379403741.714538.jpg (mean muggin'')
I swear I caught the same bass all weekend!
With night approaching quickly in this deep river gorge, I headed back to my rig for one last short drive. Inside of a few minutes and with my headlamp on, I was walking through the woods to the river. I only brought one pole and a buzz bait. I'm in hurry up offense now.
I cast to eddys, slack water and structure alike. Nothing.
I cast into riffles....zip.
I finally made it to the head of an island and got a decent roll but no hook up.
With light enough to make out structure in the water, I cast near to it. The buzz bait wasn't more than 4 ft on its journey back when it got swallowed by a decent 14" smb. It was the fish of the day.
ImageUploadedByOhub Campfire1379403812.018067.jpg
Kind of sad that it was rather smallish.
I hit the water early in hopes of getting a decent fish before I had to head back to bed for my nightshift ahead.
I returned to the "Tom & Jerry" riffle where I caught the 19.75" smallmouth with high hopes. After tossing the white spinner bait for 15 min or so I got a solid strike and landed a 15" white bass.
I got my camera out, set the timer and was ready to photograph her when I noticed she was covered with sand. I took her to the water to dip her in to clean her up when she bolted from my fingers in a flash. No pic.
I walked and cast through the next few riffles but nothing doing.
I got to my turn around spot and cast the spinner bait to a lay down next to a pour over. My rod loaded up with what felt like a solid smallie but to my surprise ended up being an 18" saugeye.
ImageUploadedByOhub Campfire1379403837.120312.jpg
ImageUploadedByOhub Campfire1379403852.413514.jpg
I cast the buzz bait around for a bit longer, checked my watch and decided to head back to my rig. Along the way I saw a small riffle I don't usually fish because its a private beach but I figured that nobody would be there on a Monday morning. I caught two short smallies back to back. I decided that this was a good way to end my three day outing and called it.

All in all it was great to be outside doing what I love but ended up disappointed in the quality of the fish sizes.
I shouldn't complain though really, most do not get the opportunities I am allowed and any time on the water is quality time.
Hope to report better fish soon.
Good luck all!
ImageUploadedByOhub Campfire1379403883.214763.jpg

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Good read, thanks for sharing. My three days off starts today. My original plan was to do that 8 mile float on the WWR but I just found out they're only open on weekends now. No worries there is plenty of other options, I'll be hitting up some water soon.

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Nice three day fishing synopsis.

What are you using to edit your photos with? They look cool.

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Some times its best to share your agony with others, we have all been there. I just got home from 4 days in the Gatlinburg with 9 other couples and I just bought a slightly used fly pole 2 weeks ago, so the urge to catch Trout was huge, after giving it a go Friday I thought maybe I was using the wrong fly, so I stopped in Little river outfitters in Townsend Tenn.(a fly fishermans store) explained I was a newbie and came seeking wisdom and a dog gone fly that would land a stinkin trout, after a 1/2 hr convo with a clerk I jokingly asked if he guarenteed his flys to catch Trout? he looked me square in the face and said I will guarentee one thing and that is You will not catch any Trout!, and explained the trout are skiddish and average from 5 to 7", I laughed and later saw it as a challenge. Well after another day on the river I realized he was correct. So I gave up and bought a $26 Trout dinner that night and called it a day! Oh yeah I did catch a cold wading in the cold mountain water, does that count?
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