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  1. Most of you know I just started tyin flies, I have been using ultra thread 140 for wooly bugger patterns. Sadly thats the only real pattern I know but trying to expand and other flies call for different types of thread. But Im getting confused on all the other types of threads out there and there purpose. I would like to know what is the differance between floss,monocord, and prewaxed thread? Can I use UT 140 to tie all types of flies? Any info would be grately appreciated,Thanks.
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    thinner threads for small dry flys. anything fly that sinks don't matter what size unless you don't want it to be bulky. I have 6/0 thread for drys and nymphs. (70 denier) and have 210 denier that I use for buggers. its super thick tho. i use the 6/0 for size 12 or smaller bugs.

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    140 Den. is fine for almost everything in Ohio. Now when it gets to tying tiny flies I use smaller stuff like 10/0-14/0 thread. All my bassstreamer flies I use 3/0 for durablity. 8/0 is what I use on all my dry flies and smaller foam patterns as it easier to work with.
  4. 3/0 and 6/0 will suit your needs for most flys, use the 6/0 for your small stuff and the 3/0 for buggers and such. Floss is used for bodies in some patterns; the red wrap in a Royal Coachman is floss. Floss in the right colors can be used for a dandy looking caddis larvae. Check out your local craft stores for useable materials.