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  1. Hey all! Don't know how to say this, but I am down and out for the rest of the year from fishing, hunting, working, driving. I have an old injury in my left neck, arm and back. On oct 2 the pain got so bad I went to the ER for pain releaf. During the next couple of weeks I found out I have a few bulging disks and will need the disks removed and fused. The surgery is Nov 7. I have been out of work since 10-2 and am not expected to go back until mid Jan. Thank God for savings, I can afford the missed paychecks ( it is a workers comp, but they only pay about 40% of what i make.)

    So, please keep my wife and kids in your prayers, they need it the most to put up with me. The pain meds kind of keep me going.

    Shake- Thanks for the fishing trip a couple of weeks ago. I went to a follow up doctor appt that week and he took my truck and boat keys. What a way to end the year!
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    Praying for you and your family. WB

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    KMB- who's your doctor?
    I had something like that done last (2006) July and feel better than I have in 10+ years. Mine was done by a neurosurgeon and was up walking the next day and home the next day. They thought they would have to fuse mine but ended up not needing it once he got in and saw the damage.
    Do as they say and you should be back to almost normal in about 6 weeks.
    PM me if you have any questions or worries.
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    hope it turns out ok and your 'back for the attack' next spring
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    hope everything goes ok for you. A real good friend of mine just went through his 3rd back surgery and I seen what it put him through. But he is up and doing alright now. he is back fishing anyways. just a little insight for ya hope everything goes well. please keep us informed.
  6. you are in my thoughts and prayers. can you pm me your 1st name so I know who I am praying for. If you don't feel comfortable doing so that's ok b/c god will know who I am praying for.

  7. You and your family are in our prayers....
  8. Best wishes on the surgery. With all of us here pulling for you, the only outcome has to be a quick and complete recovery!!
  9. You are in our prayers. Chin up!
  10. Dale- the neurosurgeon is Dr White over in the Tuttle Mall area. After two sets of MRIs, surgery is the only answer. I did try injection, but the disks are too far gone. It's amazing, they cut through the front, and it is considered out patient surgery. Dale, as far as worries, only one- what do I do until mid January? My wife took the truck keys, the boat keys and my wallet. I can not work, fish, hunt, drink, or leave the house except to walk to the mail box. Some guys call that "the perfect life", I call it depressing.

    Connie- my first name is Scott.

    I know it is temperary, and it will get better. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers for my family- they need it the most to put up with me.
  11. Scott, I just said a prayer for you. I wish you well for your surgery. It's amazing what they can do as out patient now days. "perfect life?" SOmetimes fantasy is better than reality. We all think we'd like "lazy days". Or maybe it should be called relaxation days not lazy. Anyway, yeah it's fun when we have the choice but when we're forced to be confined to the house it's not fun or relaxing or lazy. On a good note though you'll have more time to talk to us on here. :)

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    Scott, I'll be praying for you also.

    As for your time, it sounds like you can do a lot of surfing the net and studying up on an area of interest or two. !%

    Keep us posted guy. :B
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    You are in our familys prayers, keep up the faith and hope you get on your feet for next season.
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    My thoughts and prayers will be with you.
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    awww man!! I JUST noticed this post...

    Sorry to hear that Scott, but I kinda figured that's where it was headed. Hope we didn't agitate things on Alum that day, but I'm glad you were able to get out none the less.

    If you and yours need anything, don't hesitate to call man...
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    Sorry hear that Scott you and yours are in my prayers give me a call sometime
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    Ya, right! Don't believe a word of that guys. He's playing the worlds smallest violin!!

    Ha! Get well soon chief. Good Luck to the family!
  18. Sure do wish the best for you and your family. Will be in our prayers. Skeeter:)
  19. Last time I logged on, I was scared and in a lot of pain- could not use my left arm to hold a cup of coffoe. Maxing out on the pain pills.
    I was in the St Ann ER at 2:30am (10-27)after no sleep for three days, they IV me with moriphin, just so I can get some sleep.:p
    On Thursday Nov 1, I go to St Ann for a pre surgery physical, pee in a cup, give a lot of blood, etc. Leave St Ann (10 min drive), phone rings get back to the hospital your blood suger is over 700. They could not believe that I had no diabetes sytuoms or signs ( do to pain killers). For those of you not familiar with diabetes, 120 is normal high range, 500 is get to the ER, 600-650 is comotose.
    So the next 20 hours is spent on IVs just pumping away. As they dischage me early Nov2 ( not an over night stay), I'm getting hugs and wellwishes- they tell me they did not expect me to live through that day.

    Sunday Nov 4- I wake up, grab a cup of coffoe and get the news paper. I walk in the house and my wife tells me I look strange (NO COMMENTS GUYS)
    My knees go weak and I collapse face first and flat as a board, totally coherant. I did not let my wife call the EMTs (to early on a Sunday Morning), so we struggle into the van and cruise over to my favorite place St Anns. Nothing medically wrong, just the pain pills are not strong enough- have to be IVed with Mophine, until surgery day

    Stuck in the hospital, stoned out of my mind, trying to get internet access for the fishing reports.

    Wednesday Nov 7- Surgery- no magor issues, I can leave that evening. Problem is the blood suger with the pain meds reacted and did not stabilze the blood suger until Saturday.

    So I am now home, not allowed even to ride in a car until Nov 29, Then PT. Currently we are hoping I can go start fishing around mid december, back to work around January 2.

    Guys, Thanks for the thoughts and prayers. If I did not have a group of fishing friends to look forward to at the next crappie tourney,member camp, or Hog Fest, well thank you! My family can not totally understand how an internet forum can become friends, alot of us never meeting, Let me tell you- Y'all are truely friends, companions and family.
    (Sorry I have to go, the tears are flowing.)