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Fishing was going great all day aboard the Angry Floater . We were catching above average channel catfish in the 5lb to 10lb range. Probably had caught over 25 fish when Jimmy said - OMG this is a 20lbr for sure!

Water Hand Sky Vertebrate Cloud

I looked over and his rod was bent over and the tip was under water. Drag was making that funny noise like a Formula 1 race car. Jimmy was patient and worked the fish.
It seemed like it was taking way too long to gain on the fish, but it was definitely a big fish. After about 3 more minutes , we were at the leader, but I could not see the fish in the stained Sandusky Bay water. Two more lifts of the rod and a sweep of the net :
Water Sky Cloud Boat Fisherman

we landed a dandy double header of a 14lbr and an 8lbr. Each fish was exceptional by themselves BUT combined made for a 22lb fight.
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