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Those who like to fish Will's Creek Dam!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by rockbass, Aug 27, 2004.

  1. rockbass

    rockbass Banned

    For those of you "Old Farts!" :D who like to fish Will's Creek Dam, there is good news. Unless you already know then it is not news I guess. I was there tonight and they made a road with parking at the bottom of the dam.....It was no open yet, but I am guessing it will be sometime soon. That means no crappy hill to climb! ;)

    Kidding you guys on the old fart stuff! I just wanted to let anyone know that did not know in case the hill is what stopped you from fishing it! Good Luck! :)
  2. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    i know how you feel about climbing the hill,but it's a kinda good/bad news thing.
    i never fished it regularly,and i haven't fished it for some time,cause i can't do the hill uncle has been a regular for years,but fishes the other side now,cause the hill finally got to him will be nice for everyone,especially those with physical lmitations.the only drawback,is the same that happened to may get crowded now,and get much more pressure,with the easy access.
    i used to hate both hills,even when i COULD climb them :eek: :rolleyes: ,but felt it worth the effort,because alot of people(able bodied)just didn't want to make the climb,which made for better fishing(at dillon) than there is today.

    you may just see me and my uncle down there one of these days,when they open it up :) ;)

  3. I too worry a little that it'll probably increase the amount of people there, though I really don't fish there anymore. It was always a nice place to go to get away from people, except in the spring when there's always people there. My dad and I spent countless evenings out there fishing off the wall for carp. That got to be one of his favorite places to go, until he could no longer make it down the hill. Back then you darn near needed repelling gear to get down there. ;)
  4. rockbass

    rockbass Banned

    I know what you guys are saying about the easy access. That is the only thing that bothers me about it. I thought it would be nice sinceI have a bummed knee, but like you said, now anyone can and will go down there. Sucks for the flatties, cuz they are in there. I caught 4 while I was there, and I am not expert , so I know others can catch them rather easily too. Don't know if I should be happy or sad :confused:
  5. I'm not here to start anything but,Im one those what you would say is a regular shoot might have seen me there fishing before im the one who drives the big blue chevy with tool box in the back i go there fish for those eyes,now for the road they put in is a good thing i think for there is guys that has fish this place for 20-30 years, i think its going to be great that guys well beable to fish it for there remainder of there there years to fish,but there is some good news and bad news about this for i was told if the people dont stop trashing up the place there want be no more fishing there no more they well shut it down,i do understand why they would do this because last time that i was there,there was a cat-fisher i want say cat-fisherman because this was not no man in my book when i walk down and seen what i have seen kindde piss me off this person left all his trash and bait just laying there but the worst of it he had to take a dump right where every boddie walks and the rag he used to wip his but with it just grose me out to see this come on now there trash cans there and plenty of woods there to do your thing (all it takes is one person to serw it up for the rest of us):(
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