Those who fish and those who don't

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  1. Hey all I will be writing a paper here soon arguing the differences of people who fish/hunt and those who don't. What does everyone think?

    For example I am going to include a story about a buddy getting beat by a wouded goose and how different that might look to someone driving by. LOL

    I thought this would be a good thread to start so everyone doesn't have to keep complaining about the snaggers. lol
  2. For a local newspaper ?
    They are goofy we are not.
    Be sure to mention that PETA is way off base and needs to address the real issues of treatment of critters not some exaggeration of what the real sportsman is doing.
    Don't forget to mention the importance of wildlife management, and how the sports-person helps create a more healthy wildlife for future generations.
    What about the farmer that shot a rat and got fined ?
    What about the looming possibility of regulating all guns ?
    You have the opportunity to do a good deed here. Good luck. God speed.

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    people who fish appreciate what Mother Nature has to offer, people who dont fish take it for granted.

    people who fish, know where their food comes from, people who dont fish know that food comes from Giant eagle and heinens.
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    People who fish and hunt, by and large, understand and respect the need and importance of wildlife and resource management. Those who don't believe that these things manage themselves. That might be true if it wasn't for the fact that there are 3,000,000,000 or so human beings on this planet that contribute a certain amount of influence on "nature".
    People who hunt and fish appreciate the rising sun on a fog covered lake, the beauty and silence of a canoe float thru a wilderness setting, the majesty of a Bull Elk or Bear strutting dominance in his chosen domain, the pure brilliance of God's nature than can only be experienced by going afield. Those that don't hunt or fish like pictures of all that stuff.
    Those that hunt and fish have a true understanding of the pain, sorrow, and remorse that accompanies the swift demise of their prey. Those that don't hunt or fish have great disdain for the swift kill of the hunters bullet but find great pleasure in the violent savagery that takes place when a pack wolves ravages the still living carcass of a three day old moose calf. After all, that's nature.
    Those that hunt and fish cherish the time spent afield and stream with their friends, wives, sons, and daughters pursuing the bounty of God's most generous contribution to man's desires for sustenance and solace. Those that don't hunt and fish drop their kids off at daycare while their wives shop with the girls and they hit a few with the boys at the country club.
    Those that hunt and fish know, understand, appreciate, respect, and take advantage all things beautiful provided in nature, family, and life and thank God for all lifes greatness with total gratitude. They do this devoid of pride, selfservedness, or greed. They realize that these greats were bestowed upon us all with a simple responsability of respect and stewardship. Most do this with an admirable ignorance of the ultimate positive that they pervade to both family and nature.
    Those that don't hunt or fish tend to believe that they know all ...but really don't know ****.
  5. Wow!! You are going to go ahead and open that BIG can of worms huh?!:) I think you will get all sorts of opinions on this one.(as I'm sure you already see coming) If you are going to do a paper on a opinionated subject, make sure you don't try to pursued people into one belief.(you'r view on this subject) Some people have a reason to think we(outdoorsman) are wrong. I mean after all, we catch "sea kittens" and eat them. This is almost as bad as writing a report on race or religion. If you say that you are a fisherman or a hunter, you will lose the people who are not. And from that point they will try to collect facts to argue that you are wrong. If you are not going to get a responce to this report then go for it. But remember that everything you say will be looked at as the view of all hunters and fisherman by some people. You will be speaking for all outdoorsman, in some people's eyes. Remember,people like to is easier for them to relate to a subject that they know nothing about. When you write on a subject such as this you need to be carefull what you say. Good luck...B.L.
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    What's a "snagger"?:confused:

    Maybe you should write about those that fish vs. those that catch.:G
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    PETA...Now there is a subject. They need to quit driving cars. They kill animalsmore on the roads than all hunters do combined.

    What about when there is a concrete barrier and an animal tries to cross the highway and gets stuck at the barrier. It is trapped and soon it will be run over by a PETA person that won't even stop or worse yet...even slow down to think about helping the animal!

    It will lay there in misery untill a hunter stops and puts it out of its misery!
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    Hey if you're going to mention concerns about water quality, you can say the board has a watershed advocate lurking like a crayfish under a rock.

  9. Guess I just feel more comfortable around outdoor folks. My wife has way more friends than I do. She's always saying stuff like, "why don't you take so & so's husband/boyfriend fishing with you?". She knows darn well if they don't hunt or fish I'll start looking for the exits early. ;):D
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  10. People who fish appreciate time. If you want to see someone who knows how to SLOW DOWN and enjoy a day off or a weekend, accompany a fisherman. People who don't fish rush from place to place even if they have no important destination in mind.

    People who fish tend to be able to live without their cell phones for extended periods of time.
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    What I notice most between me and my non fishing/hunting relitives is there views on things. I think non fisher/hunters have more of a broad vision where as we set more tunnel vision. Like last year at a family picknick @ pymatuming my cousin and I looking at the lake he said stuff like, "water is pretty choppy" and commented on the nice weather. I noticed a tree fallen in the water and told him that hold fish over there in the spring, I also noticed deer tracks he never saw, 2 squirls were chasing each other just to our left he didnt even spot them untill I pointed them out.

    Its hard to explain what I mean but I think people that hunt/fish pick up on more details of things. Ask a non fisher to look @ a landscape/wildlife picture with ya and then both of you make comments on it and you will see what I mean.
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    A walk on a hiking trail will show a lot of difference between the two. The hunter/fisher will notice last year's buck rubs on saplings, how a bend or blowdown in a river has hollowed out a perfect hole for a big smallie to lie in, etc. A non-hunter/fisher will notice the mud getting stuck to their shoe, how stinky the swamp is and the fact a dog has crapped on the trail. The hunter will then analyze the crap and notice the amount of fur in it and determine it came from a coyote with a sense of humor.
  13. If you think like me you dont understand how a man could ever NOT have an interest in hunting and fishing or atleast one of the two. It is a genetic trait born right into us to be hunter / gatherers and have a certain curiosity about nature and our ability to affect it. It helps us understand our place in this world and gives us the confidence to tackle bigger obstacles. Not all, ( so that nobody gets offended ) but most MEN who dont fish or hunt and express no interest in either just seem to me to be the usless sort....lazy, scatterbrained, feminine, or freaky somehow. Im not saying it takes these negative traits to make a man not like fishing but just that by studying people Ive seen brobably 8 or 9 out of 10 men that didnt like hunting or fishing had these negative traits. As for women who fish and hunt , they are generally smarter, happier, and more fun to be around than those who dont. They also have a lot more self confidence and more independent nature.
  14. Ouch !
  15. I think an outdoorsman/woman just has a better appreciation for their surroundings. We will just sit in the woods or on the water waiting for our prey to show up and take everything in. I love being on the water when the fog is coming off the river and the sun is coming up. Fish are jumping, ducks are flying by, waves are hitting the shore. It might just be the most relaxing thing I know of. When we go fishing/hunting want want to capture what we went after but even if we don't, it was still a good day. People who aren't fisherman/hunters complain about the cold, heat, rain, etc. We talk about how it might position the fish, effect the bait we use, change where we would setup in the woods. Its a totally different mindset we have as opposed to those who dont spend time with nature. I havent been able to get out fishing for a while and I am more stressed than I have been in a while. Looks like the weekend is shaping up to be fairly decent, gonna be time to knock off the dust!

  16. I know what you're talking about, but I have several friends who don't have an affinity for fishing and they're completely normal masculine guys. The difference between them and me is that my dad took me fishing as a kid - theirs didn't.
  17. Yep, there are a few who defy the odds :)
  18. Hahahaha!!! ... :) made some of you cringe a little bit. Believe it or not I actually scaled back that remark a little and tried to make it less offensive , more politically correct if you will. I think probably everybody on here would agree to some extent, even if they wont admit it.