Thje Mad Report!

Discussion in 'Fish on the Fly' started by steelheader007, Apr 10, 2005.

  1. Nothing better than going to a new body of water and hooking fish! Well Only three fish where hooked by me and 1 a piece for each of my friends! The Mad is a great large creek in the area in-around Urbana! I floated about 4-5 miles of it today! I used steelhead tactics due to the amount of volume in the river! She was running clear in 2’ of water, but had great color in water that was deeper and 24”! Olive woolly buggers steelhead size did ok (8-10)! We where swinging the buggers, and using strike indicators those little guys where fun. I was amazed at the volume in the river I’m talking about how hard the water was moving. It really seemed odd to me the river must have a huge gradient change through out its river course. The nymphs under the rocks where great large clinging nymphs, free-swimming caddis, and minnows where very abundant. Summer will be interesting in that to fish that stretch again to see how the thick canopy effects the temps of the water! Remember gents if you gonna fish the holes you gotta get down!