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  1. Just got it all loaded up... A little history lesson. I had a BALL researching this story and learned a lot.

    Special thanks to John and Bill at the Twinsburg Gander Mountain, Ron Kotch, and "SHACK" the pup at "The Fisherman's Shack" on S. Main in Akron.
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    Great story. I have some of the reels and hula poppers that were made there. Wish i still had the boxes tho.:(

  3. Great to see some PR for our sport.
    I loved to use the jitterbug at our farm pond. It outfished any lure we used. It was best at night when you all you can hear is the "jittering" and all of the sudden a wham!
  4. Wow. That takes me back. I have a Plueger-Akron baitcaster which I bought in a Miracle Mart store 40 years ago. Hardly used, I often wonder what that reel is worth today?(If anything.)
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    Check ebay under 'vintage fishing tackle' some of those reels are highly sought after, and fetch big bucks.
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    Great story Carl. Enjoyed it. Had heard bits and pieces over the years from older fellas, but this was even better!
  7. I talked for quite a while to a fella at last years outdoors show at the IX. He had a display and was a collector of old fishing gear. He had a nice variety of lures, most of them in the original box. I always threw my boxes away...who would have thought? Very intersting guy with tons of knowledge. I believe he was local. One of the neatest things he had was an old outboard. I believe it was a sears model and it had the gas tank incorporated into the head. Talkng with him was one of the highlights of the show for me.
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    Thanks for posting that Carl. I've lived in and around Akron my whole life and I had no idea that some of the big tackle outfits were from here.
  9. Talk about memories! When I started 4th grade, we moved to Honodle Ave in Akron...directly across the street from the Simich's....the father, Vic, had been a circus caster & brought me a spool of Cortland Camouflage Tournament casting line....then taught me how to cast...first at tires, then to smaller objects, ending with surveyor stakes, leaves, etc. His one son, Nick, tested lures for Arbogast & was outstanding at reading water. I sure learned a lot from those two & sure miss those two companies in Akron.
  10. Very cool BigDaddy!

    I have heard stories about folks walking out of Kotch's house with ten of thousands worth of lures in a brown lunch bag! I like the Kent Frogs personally.

    Ray Phillips ( ) buddied up with one of the lure designers from Arborgast and had him specially make desired luminous arbo-gasters for him. Neat stories when he spoke of them. It was the ONLY crankbait he threw on LaDue- I saw why too!!!

    The entire region of NE Ohio has a strong history of bass fishing lore.

    Great story!!!!

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    Thanks for that, Carl. Great history reminder - I've used Jitterbugs and Creme worms for years.

    I've talked to John Pflueger (great grandson of the founder of Pflueger reels) at Gander Mtn. in North Canton many times. Great stories about the family business.

    Great stuff Carl.