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  1. With the weather getting colder the bite should turn on. I was wondering if anyone has info on Indian Lake oor Alum or Hoover. I am out of town this week coming back on Thursday and wanted some heads up on where to go. Hoover is my home water but the lake level is so low it is hard for the eye bite. Lookin for eyes and crappie any info would be greatly appreciated. I left it was 92 today I see it is 55 and overcast. Any ideas?
  2. I think you'll probably find more questions than answers. Check out shakedown's post "Whacked em @ Alum". They did well in shallow water on monday. Hoover is still a big mystery this year. Despite the low lake level, I'm amazed we aren't seeing more saugeye caught in & around those shad schools. With water temps in the mid 70s I don't think a few days of seasonable weather will turn them on. I hope I'm wrong.

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    Dunno bout that flat water... but I'm gonna start the weekend with a nice long wade up in Richland county then follow that up with a river float further downstream. Yeehaw!
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    I hope Alum is on Sunday, cause me and a couple of buddies were gonna try it for some eyes
  5. my only concern on any body of water this weekend is that it's been too big of a weather change too quickly. I'm suspecting that the fish are going to have a serious case of lockjaw. Hoping that by sunday the fish have adjusted.
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    we just can't catch a break with this weather.

    I will still be out somewhere, most likely on sunday!
  7. only day I can get out is saturday afternoon. Workin 6 days a week and i shoot in 2 different pool tournaments on sundays.
  8. If you knew where the fish were before this cold front, drop out to the first drop off & go from there. Down size & slow down , they will still be catchable if you can control the boat well enough (or anchor).
    Hope this helps, it has for me many times,