this weekend????? hoover,alum or indian

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  1. if you had a choice to fish hoover,alum or indian what would you do this weekend? ive never fished indian and would like to try but with gas $$$$$$.
    then hoover is haven that turny this weekend. and alum will be a joke.
    so any info would be great. :)
  2. fishingredhawk

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    Alum has a couple of big bass tournaments going on this weekend.

    Indian may be your best bet!

  3. Pigsticker

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    I live within 10 miles of Alum and Hoover and dont even mess with them anymore. Indian is far superior IMO.
  4. Pigsticker were do you live? im in the huber ridge area.
    so its like 5min from hoover.
    have you guys been out latey? i hopein for some s-eye.
    thanks for the info
  5. My dad has been to Indian a couple times this week. They have caught saugeyes both times. Troll rattletraps and or HJ10's around mouth of moundwood channel and the area around dream bridge. Also west side of wolf island and the south bank. There will be a lot of trollers this weekend its been a decent bite of late.
  6. yea alum has a two day tourn sat. and sun. and another club tourn. on sunday also. hoover tourn is on sunday morn. but i would guess hoover to be ok on sat., but there is still plenty of room on that lake even with a tourn goin on. but im steering clear of alum with all that tourn congestion and pleasure boaters wow!!!!!!
  7. The saugeye bite wasn't very good this week at IL :T . Water temp is still hovering around 71. We've battled east/northeast wind since last weekend. It's suppose to switch and blow out of the south tonight,so the bite should be a lot better.

    Not getting my normal limit,but catching some decent saugeyes.


    Here's this morning's catch. The biggest was 19.5",18",and a 16". First fish on at 6 am was at least a 19",but lost it.Also getting some nice crappie,perch,and slews of channelcats trolling. Throw in 3 14" throwbacks and 6 dinks-action was way below par for this time of year at IL.This time last year, 2 of us were avg 10+ eyes per trip.

    The bite was ok until someone trolling with 4 yellowbird type of planer boards, threw out a marker buoy about 100' from the waypoint I was getting them out of. Must have been 5 boats over there in no time.

    No tournaments at IL for the next 4 or so weeks!!!!

    Tennessee shad is kicking the crap out of my Firecraws this week.
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    i know i wouldn't do alum,even with a gun to my head:D
    i'm not too sure about indian won't exactly be desserted over the weekend;)
    a tourney on hoover is no big deal.plenty of water,and the wakes won't even compare to the other lakes,LOL.
    that sid,i guess you know what my pick would be:D
    and that's where i'll be about 3 a.m. saturday;)
  9. thanks rick,once again, for the info on the pics!
  10. Hey Saugmon, I'm coming down Tuesday and Thursday to try your trolling tips on IL. I finally have a chance to get out and use some of the Christmas toys from Santa.

    Shad is best this week huh? I bought a ton of red craw Bombers.
  11. We only got 1 dink with the red craw. I'm a true believer of the firecraw,but the last 2 days-I replaced it with the shad.

    Going with shad,our catfish numbers skyrocketed.

    The bite still sucks.
    6 am has been the hottest time,and after that? Who knows. Having a heck of a time trying to find them-all scattered.

    This is nowhere close to last year. Last year we were avg 10+ fish a day. This year,about 4 fish a day.