this weekend at cold creek

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  1. this time i'll try fly fishing. what should i use. btw since it is 48˚F all year long can u use dry flies in the winter???
  2. Having fished that creek for many years back when...well never mind. I would stick more toward subsurface flies if your gonna fly fish. Stick with egg patterns and buggers and toss a nymph or two for good measure. The thing with dries up there are the hatches, you just dont see em like say out west in Montana. Not that you couldnt get a fish on top though. Good luck and have fun..

  3. take some generic dries, griffiths gnats, adams and stimulators. I've never fished it and i doubt it gets hatches but if you see fish on the surface throw somthing at them, I've caught alot of fish on dries on days when not much is hatching, somtimes they just pound a dry for no reason.
    that being said, copper johns and Pheasant tails will catch fish with much more consistancy, and eggs work (but I feel like its not as "fly fishy" when I throw them) but they catch fish. beadhead olive wooly buggers with a little flash are pretty much the best all around freshwater fly ever created.
    a stimulator with a copper john 2ft below it is a killer combo as well
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    Yea you can. What I use in winter that has been productive. Stimilators, Lil black stone fly dry, Chart. Royal Wulff, Tan caddis flies and EHC emergers.
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    Wooly bugger fished against the current for win.

    All else loses. Just... period. Also, try your best to not be seen by the fish, or your chances go down dramatically. A lot of people don't seem to believe (or realize?) this, and I've watched many walk way too close along the bank..

    Unless you're wading. In which case, forget what I said about the sneakiness.