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  1. I copied this thread here in the NE section just to let all of you who fish Kendall Lake what is going on.

    There are changes happening at Kendall Lake in the CVNP. Studies are underway to improve the strength of the dam there as well as possibly dredging out the lake in increase its holding capacity.

    I put together a story on it for WKYC Outdoors with the CVNP engineer, Rob Bobel.

    There is a link to their website at the bottom of the story where you can monitor the study results and even give your comments as to the proposed dredging of the lake.

    They also stated that if the lake is dredged, there will be some form of re-stocking that will take place.
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    I look forward to a "new/old" Kendall Lake. Fished it a lot as a kid.

    Thanks for posting and covering the story, Big Daddy!


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    What about taking some of those fish and putting them in other CVNP lakes when they draw it down. Would be a good idea.