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  1. had a good week at WB. We got a couple nice fish but this was the best one. Jarett did a great job and even let his friend dale finish the catch. I was very proud of him for that. This is Jaretts second muskie this year. 46 inch fish. released as always. going out in the morning.


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  2. Excellent fish, two kids probably hooked for life, lol.

    Great job with the fish, and the kids!!

  3. I talked to the boys at the ramp after they caught that fish. Yes, they are hooked for life.
  4. Congrads to the kids..Especially to your son for letting his friend finish the catch...most kids would not give the rod up even if it was a bluegill....that was mighty big of him you should be proud of that...nice catch guys.
  5. dang sorry I missed ya Steve. We will hook up one of these days out there. Jarett has had an exceptional run this year. First deer, first turkey and two muskies and counting. Now if we could just boat a few more decent walleye!!!

  6. Brian, is Jarett the smaller one with the blond hair? I'll know who to look for if he is. He sure was excited. lol Started telling me about "this pole with that lure and that rod with this". lol He is surely hooked. Love to see that enthusiasm. That's how I was and still am as a matter of fact.
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    Great TEAM effort there fellas..Good job Dad getting the young men into Muskie fishing..When i was that age All i cared about was catching numbers on fish ..Didn;t have the patience to wait out a Muskie. Still have a hard time now, But i'm getting better at it