This should add some fuel to the fire

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  1. Justin Boren will be able to step right in and add some expierence to whats gonna be a young line in a year.

    And his younger brother Zach will probrably hop o board at Ohio State, Zach is projected at FB/LB. I dont see him making the cut on defense with all of the talent we have at linebacker so i'm guessing he'll be playing fullback.
  2. not sure why he would want to sit out a year? All I can say is if he does not want to play for M at least he left now so we can get some guys ready!
    it's going to be an interesting year in the Big House.
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    Also interesting is that I read that he is not allowed to be on scholarship because of Big Ten rules. That means he must have really wanted to come to OSU and put the hurt on UM