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  1. First, thanks to Tx Transplant for the night time crappie fest out on Portage Lakes. Even though we were out on the water as Ivan left the area, we still managed 25 or so crappie between he, KSUFLASH, and I. Ben, you need to dress warmer! You were shakin' like a nervous chihuahua out there! LOL. That cool weather felt GREAT!

    Sunday was the SSA Bass Outing at Mosquito. I caught 1 short fish, that was it. Motor is on the fritz, have to get it looked at.

    That's about it. Time to get caught up on sleep.

    Later fellas.

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    Thanks goes out to Gene for another fun night fishing. Next time I night fish, I am breaking out the winter clothes and winter hats. It sure did get cold fast out there. Glad we were able to catch some fish. Figures Big D. had to show us all up and prove that he is truly the panfish king. Good work Carl.

    As far as Mosquito goes, it is the dead sea out there. Water was muddy pretty much all over the place. Wind kicked up pretty good, and I couldn't find bass anywhere on that lake. Oh well, such is life. They call it fishing and not catching I guess.


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    I didn't know we were fishing.......I thought it was a class and Big Daddy was teaching it! Man that Carl can fish! The front shut down my spot but he still was yanking the crappie out. Ben.....I was freezing too, I just hid it a little better! Both you guys are welcome and can come back anytime. That pontoon was deffinately the way to go, comfort city! Anyways I had a blast and enjoyed your company! Like Exexec said..........ya should have been there yesterday! :D

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    It was fun just fishing by you guys. wasn't that cold either. heck, catching fish made it all the better. Ben, i have a theory as to why you guys didn't catch fish at mosquito....First letter J last letter H. He has been know to shut down not only boats, but lakes, riveres tributaries and anything even associated with the area .