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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by catking, Jun 10, 2005.

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    Hey Guys & Gals- My brothers wife was hit from behind a couple days ago in her car. The force of the impact forced his wifes car into the back of the car in front of her. This all happened at a stop light. Anyways, the person who hit her left the scene................... fast forward........ She got a lawyer and he told my sister in law that the lady who hit her had a medical problem that caused her to wreck. Under Ohio law, this makes it a " No Fault " wreck.... JEEZE US !!!!!!!!! My sister in laws car was TOTAL ..... And it was a sorce of transportation for a night time second job... Now they not only loose their car, my brother has to quit his part time job at night that he does out of joy ( long story) .........anyways, nice hey ??? I say the hell with this .......By the way , contact a lawyer ??? Doesn't matter, it's the LAW already ........Oh yeah, the lady claims " Amnesia " as part of her medical condition..... Yea, she wouldn't remember anything if I had my freakin way........... :mad: ......... I'll leave this at that as I see myself ranting and raving really soon..... Talk about a tragedy to the people of Ohio and no doubt other states.............
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    Medical condition? Amnesia? That woman should not be allowed behind the steering wheel ever again. I'd throw everything legally possible at her to recoup the losses.
    Just my 2 cents...!

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    Sorry to hear King. Makes me sick to think we have laws to protect the people who shouldn’t be driving in the first place. Amnesia. . . what the fudge. . . . I can’t believe it. What did she forget what a red light means? ? ? Did she forget that after an accident you half to stay. I hope this loon pays some type of consequence for her actions. They should be able to stick her for hit and run right? ? ?

    Anyway I feel your pain. . . .
    Hope your sis n law is ok. Prayers sent to the big man for you guys.
  4. Darwin

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    Has a medical problem and it caused her to wreck? :(
    Glad to see she was driving with a condition like that :rolleyes:
    Our laws will never cease to amaze me. :mad: :rolleyes:
    Hopefully your sis-n-law is ok.
  5. Reel Lady

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    I would not just take this womans lawyers word for it that "She has a medical condition which contributed to this accident"
    The skeptic in me has a feeling that this may be nothing more than a "delaying tactic" or "Loophole" in the law.
    I would get a lawyer and subpeona this womans medical/mental health history and records for proof of this so called "Medical Condition"
    I'd also love to know if this woman was issued a citation for "fleeing the scene of an accident" as well as "assured clear distance"....
  6. H2O Mellon

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    Okay, so If I am a medically classified Alcholoist, and I casue a wreck can I get out of having a DUI?

    That law is absured.
  7. One, if this woman has a medical condition that makes her a threat on the road how she is able to drive? If I had arthritis to the point I couldn't make a turn in a car, can I still drive legally in Ohio?

    Two, I wonder if she's ever been convicted of drunk driving. I'm thinking the woman was drunk or close to drunk and she pulled a "Judge move" on your sister, ala our Supreme Court Justice (I can't remember her name). I believe that you cannot be convicted of drunk driving if you leave the scene of an accident, because it could not be proven that you didn't drink after the fact.

    Sorry about your family's misfortune. In times like these, it's easy to get frustrated. Be glad that your sister is okay. Unless she starts feeling a little tingle in her neck, hint hint................!

  8. UNREAL :confused: How could that be!!!


    Amnesia thats a is bull she remembers to leave the scene before the cops showed up. sorry to here that. it like bad thing aways happen to good people
  10. Sounds Fishy....Something not right,,
  11. misfit

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    sounds like a bum deal to has been said,she must have a serious case of amnesia.forgets to stop,and forgets to stay,after the crash? :rolleyes:
    i think i'd check into it deeper,cause something ain't right here :confused:
    as for not driving with a medical condition,though some should disqualify one from driving,there are many conditions that normally cause no problem,but the rare chance that it might,should not be cause for not driving.i'll add that it should not be an excuse from liability either.

    little story here.
    i have a medical condition that millions of people have(sleep apnea),and i don't think we all should give up driving because of it :rolleyes:
    my case is severe,and before i began treatment,i did the same thing as that person.crashed into another car,and the force drove it into a third car.i blacked out at the wheel(due to my condition)and didn't even know it.but i don't have amnesia ;)
    i didn't explain this to the cop.just told him i fell asleep.that one cost me a ticket plus bodily injury and property damage payments from my insurance company,(who then dropped me) to the victims.i don't know if my "condition" could have saved me a ticket and/or responsibilty,but i would have never thought of leaving the scene,or not paying damages.legally,it was my fault,and morally,it was my responsibility to pay. i think the same goes for the person who hit/skipped.
    like was said,push the issue,cause something sure smells.i hope something can be done about the situation.

    ps.............if you can let me know how to find that woman,maybe i can give her a dose of her own medicine.i'll use her for a crash test,then just claim immunity because i forgot i have a medical condition :rolleyes:
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    Rick, you are a true team player!!!!
  13. I don't understand what a medical condition would give her a reason not to take care of the damages. Get the police report. You could threaten her with taking her drivers license away. I am sure that the dmv would like to know they have a medical induced amnesia tic person on the streets of Ohio.
  14. fishingredhawk

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    This sounds like bad legal advice. i can't find any law on the books that refers to "No falt accidents" as a result of a prior medical condition.
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    I was just thinking that maybe OGF'S man at Law would chime in.... Thanks 'redhawk .I thought this sounded like some BS....I'll let you all know how this pans out .......... ;) THE CATKING !!!
  16. Reel Lady

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    If she fled the scene.. how was it that she was ever found out? Did she turn herself in? Was she issued a citation for "fleeing the scene of an accident" or "Assured Clear Distance?" Did she have to show "Proof of Insurance?" Do you have access to this womans name? I'd certainly want to do some digging to find out WHO this woman is and why the lawyers are trying so hard to protect her.
    Maybe, just maybe, she was driving under a suspended license? Or maybe driving without mandatory Insurance? How do you know for sure that it was actually her insurance company that contacted you? Have you received anything in writing from this insurance agency? If it was just a phone call, I'd be even more suspicious.
    Regardless.. something is just wrong here.. very wrong.
  17. catking

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    I know a few of the answers to your questions Marcia- Here license plate numbers were turned in . That is when she played the " Amnesia" card and told those involve she didn't remember being in a wreck.. .JEEZE US !!! I can't believe Im typing this BS....anyways, this is just the beginning.. she will be found out for what she is really doing... freakin nut case... You know what is sad... the lawyers will probably draw this so far out that it will be years .. :mad: THE CATKING
  18. Reel Lady

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    Have you contacted the police to see if she was issued a citation(s)?
  19. mrfishohio

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    It's still a hit-skip, etc, etc. Your Sister-in-law needs her own lawyer, maybe an injury specialist. Call Barry Levy at O'Connel, Ashanti & Levy. He can & will squeeze blood from a turnip ! Tell him I sent you.
  20. The medical no fault law is real in Ohio. But the rest of this sounds hoaky. They need to seek a lawyer.