this is unbelievable.

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Justin S, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. Justin S

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    when summer arrives i like to do some lazy(tight line) fishing so i went to the pier at edgewater and met some friends(who for some reason just love that pier). soon after that we were into a school of perch having some fun, as dusk came upon us i broke out my new catfish combo that i just bought(1 week ago for aprox. $120), put on a sinker and casted it out. just as it hit the water my buddy said i had a bite on my perch rod so i set down my cat rod reeled in the fish and as i was taking it off i heard a loud bang. some a##hole in a speed boat decided to buzz the pier and he snagged my brand new rod and off it went. needless to say i was pissed(to put it lightly) ,but i thought to my self i have to shake it off there is just nothing i could do aside from driving from boat ramp to boat ramp looking for that idiot, so instead of leaving immideatly i stayed a little while longer to cool off and maby try to fish a little more, but nothing was biting so at about 11:00 i packed it up and said goodbye to my friends. as i was walking down the pier still thinking about my new combo that i would never see again. my friend roy moved into the spot that i just vacated and casted out. in about 1 min he called my name and said comeback,i turned around and he said i just snagged your rod but it fell off right by the end of the pier. i thought no way because i tried this at least 100 times with no luck but i took out my 1oz rooster tail(the biggest hook i had), put it on my other rod and gave it another shot. wouldn't you know it after about 5 trys i managed to snag it and bring it up. to me this was unbeliveable not only did i get it back, it was in perferct shape no cracks in the rod and the reel was fine. man i must be one lucky guy. i dont think i have ever felt so happy in my life, although i would still smack that guy around if i could find out who he was.
  2. Pigsticker

    Pigsticker State record bass or bust

    Sounds like good karma. I want to know if you were thinking of diving in to retrieve your pole after you saw it fall off next to the pier?

  3. Thats pretty lucky mate! :)
  4. Justin - go buy 2 lottery tickets and send one to me.
  5. creekcrawler

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    Cooool Justin.

    Here's two things to remember -

    1.) A fishing buddy's Grandpa taught him how to get his rod back after a sheepshead pulled in his rod. He attached an old fashioned metal-clip
    stringer to his line, with all the clips opened. Got the rod on his 2nd or 3rd cast.

    2.) With any luck, that dope that buzzed you has a whole bunch of line
    wrapped up behind his prop and probably doesn't even know it.....yet..
  6. Justin S

    Justin S c-ya on the water

    50# power pro ha cut that off
  7. Wonder how much the new lower unit seal is for that guys motor? that Power Pro is like a string saw on a seal of gasket!!
  8. Thats what they call turning a frown upsidedown:)
  9. Talk about luck. Ill second get some lottos. :D
  10. Pigsticker

    Pigsticker State record bass or bust

    Hey Creekcrawler, thats a great little tidbit on how to retrieve a lost pole. I knew there was a reason I like you besides your signature. ;)