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  1. for some excuses Cavs fans!!!

    All joking aside-it was a great game for San Antonio's big 3. Duncan played like the best, and most consistent power forward in NBA history.

    It will be interesting to see what adjustments assistant coach Mike Brown suggests be made by head player/coach LeBron James. He obviously needs to be more assertive...he tried to get other guys involved...but Bowen did a great job overall.

    Gibson and Pavlovic looked pretty good down the stretch-but they can't afford to be down by double figures in the 4th quarter.

    ...have at it fellas!
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    when the guys in red shoot the ball, it needs to go in the hole more. :p

    down 9 in SA, in their first ever finals (WOW factor), hmmmm i think anything is possible.

  3. Yeah, as a Cavs fan I can say that it was not real pretty last night but if they make the right adjustments and they shoot the ball a bit better I think they can play with the Spurs. Here are a few of the things that I noted from that game.

    • They did a lousy job of freeing up Lebron to do anything. They waited until the fourth quarter to try running him off some double screens and that did start to create some opportunities. Beyond that as far as Lebron is concerned he needs to be able to hit the perimeter shot at least well enough to gain respect. The rest of the guys hopefully will hit a few more open shots. Lebron did a pretty good job of distributing and trying to find the hot hand but nobody had it.
    • They need to play Gibson more and play him earlier. The guy shot like 6 for 8 with a couple of 3's. I can't help but think that perhaps he could have been the hot hand earlier in the game if given the chance.
    • Whoever is guarding Parker needs to force him to beat them from the perimeter first and if he does then take away the penetration. They seemed to be playing it the other way around most of the game and as a result he ran wild on them in the lane. I know he is going to get his share of points but playing him like they did he got his share and also distributed for several uncontested layups to Duncan and company.
    • I thought their overall game plan against Duncan was solid. He had a good game, great by many people's standards but really just a standard game for him. There are just so many scoring threats on that offense that they can't devote more attention to him than they did.
    I still think they have a shot at this series even after that lackluster performance. They knew going in that the going would be tough so that game should not be a surprise to them. If they could have shot just a touch better and controlled the defensive boards a touch better they may have been in it to the finish.
  4. Spurs offense is what killed us. Well and the lack of us being able to execute on offense.

    Parker, Duncan, and Ginobili scored what 67 points combined? The Cavs as a team had 76.......
  5. Yeah I don't understand why they didn't give Boobie more of a shot. He was a super star in the last game against the Pistons and he sure seemed like he was ready to play last night and he was barely in the game. I think if they can keep him hot on the outside that will open up the inside for Lebron and we might have a chance to win this thing. Z needs to pick up his game a little too, not too impressed by him last night.
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    Did you look at the cavs team scoring? We need Z to get involved. He scores 10 points, just 10 points, and the cavs win. If the guys would have hit even a third of those assists Lebron should have had, it would have been a much better game to watch. :D A few adjustments on the pick and roll defense and this series is tied. I really think this team can make the adjustments and take this back to cleveland 1-1.
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    At one point in the 4th, they were down by 18, cut the lead down to 8 and LeBron missed a three that would have brought them within 5. They need to start Gibson, comes off the bench in the first and hits a 3 right away. Hughes is not the answer, he can't do crap bc he's not 100%. Let's go Cavs, I know you guys can make it 1-1.
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    I'd like to see the Cavs get there moneys worth in the foul category. I'm sick of all the easy and 1's they give up, especially in the Finals. Scot Pollard needs to have 6 fouls every game. That's why they signed him.

    And I hope the Cavs in general play better on both sides of the ball, that was a joke to watch. Parker could of scored 50 on Hughes if he wanted to, but he chose to dish out to Duncan for about 10 easy dunks!!!

    I'm still optomistic, this is how they looked against Detroit in games 1&2. Granted San Antonio looked pretty good, no rust after a 9 day lay off I mean COME ON.
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    The Cavs are an Ohio Team, did you expect them to actually win a Championship? :D
  10. You nailed it man..if they keep going under those screens, Parker is going to be the finals MVP. Tony is very capable of making outside shots...but the Cavs will have to live with that. He got to the basket so easily against everyone that I was starting to think he was gonna get 40!

    Can anyone explain to me why they thought playing pick and roll basketball with LeBron was a good idea??? You know San Antonio went into that first timeout huddle laughing at the Cavs! Bruce is a great perimeter defender...but LeBron should be able to take him off the dribble without a screen! Why bring extra defender to him:confused:

    I've decided that I want this to either be a sweep...or a 7 game series. Having your 2 favorite teams playing for a title is cool...but the Cavs are going to be solid in the East for a long time. I want Duncan to grind out a few more rings so I can stop arguing about all of the players that he is just flat out better than.

    By the way...what are you guys more excited 2 or the Sopranos???
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    Technology is the best!! Game 2 live and Sopranos on the TiVo!!!
  12. Absolutely!!