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This Is Not Right

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by ARGEE, Oct 16, 2004.

  1. We Was Rear Ended On The Rt.8 Expressway Late Last Sunday Night..they Are Still Working On It At Night..they Have The Right 2 Lanes Closed Going Was Raining Hard That Night..traffic Came To A Stand Still Right Before The Central Interchange Going South..we Stopped When The Car In Front Of Us Was Only A Matter Of Seconds Before This Lady Rammed Us In The Rear End..she Had A Small Car..we Had A Midsize Car..i Heard Her Car Tires Squeal Right Before She Hit One Was Seriously Hurt..anyways Yesterday My Phone Starts Ringing At 8 -30am Yesterday..they Wanted To Know If I Was In An Accident And Was Willing To Set Up An Appt. With A Certain Doctor..i Asked Em How They Got My No.//they Said It Was Public Information..after That I Got More Calls With The Same Info// Isnt Anything Private Info Anymore?i Guess This Is What They Call Ambulance Chasers...
  2. I only 10% of what he gets for the referral-just kiddin!! Yep thats what they call ambulance chasers

  3. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    That happens all over the country now. Several years ago I was in an accident and within 3 days had calls, letters and lawers calling me to represent me. I can't remember how many but there were several. All I did was tell them I already have a good "Honest" lawyer. Yep they are out there and their numbers are growing.Hey, it's free money! :D
  4. JV1


    you probably work hard for a living..... like me and most others reading this...... but Ambulance Chasers are a diffrent story.... someday you may slide on some ice or wet pavement ..... and bump someones car.... and the lawyers will get them to go ahead and sue you so they can rob you blind......... there should be a law against bottom feeding..... the funny thing is they make all the money while you and me are at work
  5. DavidWS10

    DavidWS10 Bankless Boat Trash

    This is interesting. The calls everyone has mentioned receiving must be because Ohio is not a "No Fault" state. I was rear-ended in Florence, Kentucky, by a lady with no insurance and no drivers license, one month ago yesterday, and I have yet to receive any phone calls or letters from the ambulance chasers. And both my passenger and I were taken via ambulance to the emergency room. But, Kentucky is a "No Fault" state, and I'm thinking that may be the difference. Hell, I'm still in physical therapy from the whiplash effect. Go figure.
  6. Get This,i Got 8 Letters In The Mail Today From Lawyers Wanting To Represent Me....
  7. I hope they sent postage paid envelopes with the letters to return to them. Tie a brick to them and send back. They get to pay the postage and think abvout sending those letters again.

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    I was in a fairly bad accident 3 years ago on I-270 on the south end. I was rear ended by an Atlas Butler van. Totalled my truck + his van, noone went to the hospital though. Maybe I should have, since then I notice I do have some mild back pains at times, and I am way to young for that (I'm 23). I just wrote it off as an accident, and nothing more really. Things happen, no sense in breaking someone over it.

    Oh and by the way, I never recieved a single letter or phone call from lawyers. Weird. I could have sued, simple open and shut case, but like I said, I understand accidents happen, no need to bust someone over them.
  9. Hetfieldinn

    Hetfieldinn Staff Member

    I believe the records for any given days accidents are open to the public. The attorneys send their secretary to the courthouse/police station at the end of the day, and he/she gets all of the records for the accidents that happened that day. Then they bombard you with the letters and calls.

    I would tell all of them that call that you do not wish to be contacted by the phone. If they call again, it will be considered harrassment, and you will file a complaint against them. They will then mail you a letter. If it contains a self addressed stamped envelope, fill it with gravel and send it back.
  10. If there was a police report or accident report, yes, public record. Scumbag attorneys use them all the time.

    Hope you're OK Rich.
  11. I was in a passenger in an accident with one of my friends and about two days later I got a package in the mail complete with the police report and everything from a lawyer wanting me to sue my friend I was riding with. Why are we in a sue happy world? Everyone wants to sue someone to get some extra money. It is getting pretty bad.