This is absolutely uncalled for (re: PETA)

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by captnroger, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. captnroger

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    Apparently PETA has taken to passing these out to kids at fishing tourneys across the country. Nice. What's next, a video?

    I'm so flabbergasted I can't even comment. I'd like to see one of them try to put one of these 'comics' in my kids hands though...
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  2. If you raise your kids right that won't matter much ;) It does suck though!!!

  3. Since they were nice enough to supply their address of the headquarters maybe we could go down to Norfolk and do a little "fishing" for dirtbags.;) After all we are obsesses with killing and that would help curb my appetite.

    I feel sorry for the kids that have to be raised by these ignorant people. Just think of the brainwashing they will be subjected to throughout their entire childhood. Sad indeed.
  4. SwollenGoat

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    I'm speechless right now...that is horrible.
  5. I think we should print up some of our own stuff about how stupid these people are and start passing them out at there functions. Or maybe have a big fish fry at one of thier rallies? That would be great a big fish fry and some deer burgers cooking on the grill.
  6. Smallie Gene

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    Firstly, Rodge where do you find this Sh*t? And thats exactly what it is. I'd like to see one of them pot heads hand one of my grandkids one of those comics because they would be going back to their commune to smoke pot with a comic and a size 12 boot sticking out of their arse!
  7. Smallie Gene

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    I really don't think we need to Twistytail.
  8. UFM82

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    That guy is clearly using a hunting knife to clean those fish. That's gonna damage the meat. It would be much better to use a fillet knife and get every last morsel.

    PETA really needs to be more responsible in the future. That picture is a travesty.


    I hope I can frighten a few catfish this weekend.
  9. steelmagoo

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    The cover picture bears a likeness to me cleaning fish, except for the tie.
  10. I know what you mean. I always forget to dress up in my suit and tie when I go out fishing too.:rolleyes:
  11. fishingful

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    that comic is stupid i have waaaaaay more lures on my hat when i clean fish like that
  12. captnroger

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    Was reading the Sunday paper on this fine Tuesday morning when there was a HUGE article about it in the sports section. Go figure, the Columbus Dispatch can dedicate 1/3 of a page to this type of garbage, but they can't produce a decent fishing article.

    Link to Dispatch article (subscription required, but it's free)
  13. Fishing hurts. Lettuce and tomatos have feelings too.

    Save the world, starve.
  14. Peta? Its that PEOPLE EATING TASTY ANIMALS? oh my bad! I think peta needs to do a little reserch be for they make stuff like that. ya see fish don't feel pain. They don't have that part of the bain. Scientist have proven this. I have an in fisherman article to prove it. Also so many people catch and relase that its not like we kill everything we TRICK. i swear there needs to be a law against this kind of crap. Please if they came my why I would send them away with a size 14 ee boot up their ya know what!!
  15. What do fish eat? Yep you guessed it, "other fish and lots of them"!

    So everytime we catch and eat a fish we are saving hundreds or thousands of other fish the same fate. Therefore I only catch and eat fish as a favor to the other smaller and more helpless little fishies.

    I'm actually doing PETA a favor by murdering these nefarious critters!
  16. I love that way of thinking! Maybe they will give you some kind of reward.:D
  17. My kids for one know better than to believe that crap. The other thing is the peta folks would have a hard time passing out that crap around me.......they would be far to busy spitting out teeth and falling down!!!! They would find out what a killer this "daddy" really is.

    now time for a rational thought

    After thinking about my above post I have to say that is probably the reaction those freaks are looking for. I think I would be better off just laughing in their faces.
  18. crankus_maximus

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    I would just tell my kids those people are all crazy. Proven by their inflammatory and slanted stance on many different views. They fail to get thier point across using rational means and therefore resort to scare tactics to recruit support for their ill-guided cause. It is a shame that respectable sources such as the Dispatch have to publish such rubbish when there are plenty more good stories out there to be published. A shame indeed.
  19. I now have seen it oh man, what next...

  20. I decided to let my kids read this and tell me what they think. My little girl had this to say "I think Jesus used dads that fish to work for him so fishermen must be ok". My boy said "cool fish can we keep those or are they to small just like the ones we catch". With that said I did some thinking and decided yes church is working and that I need to put my kids on some bigger fish.