This is a longshot- WTB Wii

Discussion in 'OGF Marketplace' started by CoolWater, Jan 16, 2008.

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    Howdy folks,
    This is not for personal use, I work for a healthcare company and I desperately want to get a Wii for our Port Clinton nursing facility. As many people probably have caught the news - the therapeutic uses of the Wii with the elderly are substantial. I've researched quite a bit and even developed treatment programs and marketing collateral.. . and I can't get the dang core unit anywhere. It's so annoying to be ready to go with the program and then lack the hardware to make it happen. No stores have let me leave my name on a list.

    Anyways, if anyone happens to know anyone who works at a Best Buy, Kmart, Wal-mart, toy store, gaming store... and would have the inside scoop on how I can get one, please let me know. If anyone knows a store manager that would let me plead my case that would work too. I certainly could provide all the documentation of the cause this is going for.

    I can only pay retail - I do know Ebay and other places have them for 2 to 3x plus market - but I will only get reimbursed for the regular price.

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    Good Luck. I've been looking for a Wii or DS in the Cleveland area, and have been out of luck. The "in" that was going to get us the Wii fell through, so now we have nothing to give my son for his birthday this weekend - except a couple controllers and game he can't use.

    I think if I ever find them, I may buy a bunch, then offer to sell them for the actual value on the duck hunting/fishing web sites. It's a pisser that Nintendo is allowing this black market, with the inflated pricing. People on craigslist are selling them for $380.

  3. i got a wii last january....what i did was i called every walmart every morning cuz it seemed like they would get a shipment at one of em like once a week...i just got lucky they wouldnt hold one for me either so i had to go to walmart in my pajamas haaaa...i think they only get like 7 of em each time....and i also heard that the game stops get their shipments in on sunday mornings if thats any help to ya.
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    I tried to find one of these for my cousins for this past christmas and came up empty handed. At Gamestop they did this thing the Friday before Christmas where the first 48 people in the store could pre-pay for a Wii and they would be guranteed to have it by Feb 1st. This means that Gamestop is not expecting any extra until after that.

    Best Buy told me to wait til Feb. also. Its crazy the hype that these systems are getting. On New Years Day I bought the last Xbox 360 Elite within 50 miles of campus (believe me, I made tons of calls).

    Your best bet might be to check out the Walmarts and gaming stores that are a little bit off the beaten path. Somebody I know just happened to be in a Walmart in Cambridge, Ohio about 3 days before Christmas. He was not looking for a Wii, but somebody he knew wanted one for their grandkids so he picked it up. Good luck!
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    i heard from an inside source that the wal-marts usually get them on tuesday and dont put them out till about 2 in the afternoon. Dont hold me to it. It kinda sucked cause the week before christmas, i was checking all the wal-marts around me, and the last one i checked, i seen a man coming walking out with one, i was hot. If i didnt stop at all the other ones, i would of had it if i just stopped there first. But its ok, i ended up getting one on christmas eve night for 300, just a little over the sticker price. I wrote a guy on craigslist and told him that theres no way he was going to sell them that night so you might as well let one go for 300. Man o man, these darn things are addicting, i have already bought 4 different games and its a blast, good luck just keep looking man im sure you will stumble on one when you least expect it
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    I stopped at Circuit City on the way home. They said to try back on Friday - but also said they haven't gotten any in since before Christmas ( a lot of stores have said the same thing). I then stopped at the Game Stop, and they had one last one in the back. I guess I got lucky. They also said to try back on Friday for the DS.

    Good Luck.
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    I spent most of the weekend looking for a wii. No luck at all. I;m checking around to day and hope to have one soon. If anyone knows of any store that has any available, I'd appreciate it...
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    Good luck, I have tried before and still cant find one. check craigslist. Experts are saying that nintendo is doing more harm then good trying to short change the wii to drive up sales. You have alot of people that say screw it and buy a 360 and some get so fed up looking they will actually stoop as low as buying a ps3
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    Target in Macedonia Ohio got a shipment of 18 in this morning luckly my fiance was off work and picked us up one... so id try looking at target .. the said target got a shipment yesterday and they hit the floor today....
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    They had some Wii at the sams club in sheffield. I was there Tuesday.