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  1. When I found this site I thought it was the greatest site. A forum were you could see reports and ask questions for southern Ohio. Lately some people have been complaining about people posting reports of where they have been fishing and what they have caught. I have even had some people PM me telling me I shouldn't post my locations like the Little Miami or East Fork Little Miami. I never post exact locations. I mean I would hate to add more fishing presure to the 86 miles of the Little Miami.This forum should done away with if people don't want to post reports or give any tips. Then there would be no point for this forum. To make people happy I will change my postings. If I decide to even keep posting. I will keep talking and sharing info with people I have been PM with. This is just my opion and I don't want to hear yours. Ronnie

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  2. I feel the same way man. I will be like, I went here, and used this, and caught these fish. And then I get bashed by some stupid people. They need to realize a REAL fisherman likes to help one another. And not to mention, its not like we're meeting up with these people and giving away THEIR spots. like it makes them look like a jackass when theyre complaining about ME, telling MY spots its hurting THEM or THEIR spot for someone to know MINE lol..

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    the only ones that do the bashing are the ones that don't contribute to the site ,they only take from the site. it happens in all forums. keep posting and maybe the takers will go away, or start posting.
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    Who cares anyways if I want to share a hot spot. It's my choice to make. If someone doesn't like me posting it, then don't go fish there!
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    on whether or not to post information on hot spots or hot baits. Some will choose not to disclose this information and others willingly do so. One thing for sure is this site has helped most of us become better fishermen and opened our eyes to new spots and techniques. I don't bemoan those who choose not to disclose their spots and techniques; I respect that decision. But I do greatly thank those who do disclose things. I have learned a lot about spots and and techniques over the last three years I have used this site. I have been impressed by the courtesy of the individuals and their openness to help us all become better fishermen. The real sign of success is when fishermen open their boats up to others to share a day of fishing and perhaps develop new friendships. doesn't get any better than that. The only thing that is missing is a "reel lady" for the Southwestern Ohio board. If you ever get a chance to check out the Northeastern Ohio board you will know what I mean!!!:)
  6. Crocodile, do not read this but everyone else feel free to. This site is just like the general store. Enough people set around the pop belly stove and soon or later someone will tell of a spot where the fish are bitting. And there will be at least one person that is convinced more people will be running to that spot with rods in hand and you should not give out any info. I ran into this same thing back when I first joined up. Heck, I have ran the course of complaints from others on here. First it was do not give out your spots, then you need to take pictures of your fish for us to believe you, then it was you need to take pictures with a ruler next to the fish, etc, etc. As for me I am just me. I post where and how I catch fish most of the time. Heck I will even take people wade fishing just to see them when they set the hook into their first big smallie. I enjoy helping others, and some enjoy fishing with out helping others. Then again they have just as much rite to be who they are as I do. So everyone just post how you feel and things will work out just fine as they all ways do.
  7. This Site has always been and still is about sharing all sorts of information relative to our outdoor sports. Keep on posting the way you have in the past and ignore those individuals that find fault with it.:)
  8. I agree. This site/forum has been a wonderful source of information. I would think the goal is to introduce more people (all ages) into fishing as then we all benefit.

    Sure, fishing pressure may rise but hey, that's ok with me. The LMR is not the only water around and besides, the river is open to everybody.

    Let's all enjoy it.
  9. Sorry Walter I was just a little angry when I wrote the post. After my last nights post. I had two nasty PM's. One guys said I am ruining fisheries and another was using words I can't repost. Don't take my last line perosnally. Ronnie
  10. I think exact fishing locations on a forum like this goes a bit far. PM later, share info, meet up and go fishing is something great. IMO it's much more rewarding to go venture out for yourself. Take some of the info learned on the forum and go find your own favorite spot. Chances are, it's about ten other people's favorite place too.
    The fishing pressure makes us all better fishermen. It's just those bad few who don't c&r, throw trash and are obnoxious who ruin good spots.
    As for people who PM with threats and cursings, get some kind of real life away from the rest of us. We are all free to post whatever we want whenever we want. Take it or leave it. Hopefully the latter.
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    I posted a poll a while back around the subject of posting exact locations, specifically Aberdeen warm water discharge. While I didn't have enough people respond to make it statistically sound, half of the people who responded wouldn't have gone fishing at aberdeen if it weren't for the posts of the wiper bite being hot there. Interpret that how you will...

    I'm not faulting anyone for posting their locations, just be aware of the ramifications of doing so. The internet is far more powerful than the pop belly stove Walter spoke of. I'm all for sharing everything else about fishing on the forum....just my opinion.

    However, as I think we'd all agree, you can do whatever you want on these forums (within reason) and while some people will complain, its always your choice to continue, change, or quit....although I really hope nobody really quits.

  12. CROC, If your receiving nuisance pm's that contain, how should you say, other than proper words, send it to the moderators. Won't be long and they will not be able to post period. No sense in turning a good thing bad.:eek:
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    I've had so much help and assistance here, people have let me fish in "their" spots sometimes and it is WONDERFUL. If not for this forum, I'd have pretty much zero chances to go fishing or know where to fish. Every great spot I got, someone put me on to it, or told me how to find a good spot of my own--I wouldn't have known how to do it. Most folks on this forum are the best people you'll know--open, helpful, kind, and very into sharing their knowledge and success, and even sometimes their sweet spots (which I personally LIKE :) ). I am so grateful to all y'all, I can't tell you. I'm an older female (not Reel Lady--I know who she is--but sort of like her MOTHER lol) and I have a condition that restricts my movement, so the 'this fishing is easy' help my friends here have given me is priceless. I love to fish as much as anyone on this forum, but with no boat and unable to move well, that would be IMPOSSIBLE without you guys. There isn't enough thanks for that, trust me. Take what good things you can from this outstanding forum and just brush off the few nasties--they are not worth noting. Don't let it get you wrapped around the post :p
  14. Croc I did not take it personally. I was just trying to lighten you mode a little. Like I said I have had the same thing happen to me by just naming a body of water not even an exact location. After posting on the LMR for four years I have yet to experience any increase in fishing pressure where I fish. But hey if anyone wants to head out let me know and we will hook up.
  15. why can,t every one just get along. an't no love in the world anymore. i'm just thankful for the health, good freinds and family and the great fishing waters to fish here in the state of ohio. i found this site last fall, and it ben a lot of company to me just reading' much less posting. little miami jeff and many other has ben so much help. ( u all have no idea ) i still have not got one of those gizz's yet. tight line to all, and to all a record year year. god bless all.
  16. Honestly, How many times have you fished the LMR and ran into multiple people? The majority of the days I have fished the river I've maybe seen 2 or 3 people at the max. We aren't talking about dedicated ODR parking and river access spots, but down or upstream from these places. I say continue to post the good news and we should all be as lucky as you to have these kind of days. I have personally fished with croc and he has never given away a 'specific' spot. He has giving great advice on where to catch the fish and catch them in numbers. Lets stop the harrassment and let it be.

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    The EFLMR is not a long river. I have been fishing there a long time, and it does bother me to see you posting about catching lots of fish on this little stretch of river. I think there is a more subtle way to go about it.

    There are plenty of folks on here that share info but they don't blurt out honeyholes for the world to see. and fish out. Maybe the people reading your posts are not fishermen, maybe they are the jerks and punks that litter up the river and keep every tiny bass they catch only to throw them away later.

    This site is great for sharing info and I also have learned alot from OGF, usually if u PM someone who has posted they will be happy to share some helpful information without telling the whole internet.

    As far as people sending nasty PMs that is wrong, and not cool. Tell the mods.

    From what I've seen, you can give out info and locations because the area you fish is private access. I think thats a different scenerio. Also I thought I saw you post that you mainly fish the colder months because of the crowds in the summer.

    Okay, I'm ducking now, fire away!!
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    something similar going on in the lake erie forum. dont worry about what others say..i post exact gps numbers. cant get much more precise than that. if you dont like it. DO NOT READ MY POST!!! i post so others can maybe enjoy some success in the same water or stay away from an area i got skunked at. ive been helped my many on this site and if i can give back great, i am very happy to do so. keep catching and keep posting. if you let them run you away...we lose and they win..(i hate to lose)
  19. o'yea thanks sticky for the ohio river forcast.
  20. u 2 tee. i check it aall the time in the fall, winter and spring