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  1. I was fishing a black chatterbait today at a private pond when a largemouth hit the bait about two feet from shore. The fish hit the bait so hard and fast that he swam right up onto the bank. I didn't get a chance to set the hook let alone turn the handle. I have never seen this with a bass let alone have it happen to me. Only thing I ever seen like it is a salmon run on a tv show. Anything like this happen to you?

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    Kinda' takes your breath away,huh? Fishing for crappie on UL I had a small 6" bass hit it, as I'm reeling him in a 5.5# bass followed, then hit as I was lifting him out of the water!!! He landed at my feet!!! Coolest bass I ever got, didn't even hook him! (both were released to get bigger) Good job, jcrdust!!

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    I love when that happens! I can remember as a kid dropping a small gauge hook tipped with a waxworm in the water at my feet. I think the bass saw it coming, because it seemed to jump out of the water and onto my hook, in the process splashing me with water and leaving me in a stupor of what just happened! Needless to say, I was hooked for life after that point!
  4. The thing is that once he hit land he kept on swimmig. He didn't go far but he kept swimming till he fell over. It was really funny.
  5. ive seen a bass beach itself before when they are real shallow chasing small baitfish along the bank. It just flopped a few times until it got back into the water.
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    Many years ago a friend and I were in a rental canoe on Delaware, and a 10-inch fish jumped into the boat, flopping around in the middle between the two of us. I don't know what kind it was, but we had a laugh and tossed it back in.
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    I had a 20+ inch smallie at Oshay jump up and hit the edge of my canoe on the way down. One more inch to the left and he would've landed himself in my boat.
  8. I had a 3 pound smallmouth jump in the front of my boat at lake Erie a couple of years ago during a club tournament. It broke my heart because I couldn't take him to weigh in. I have also seen about a 15 pound musky jump into a pontoon boat that was moving about 4 miles per hour at Clearfork. Boy did it scare them!
  9. I had a little smallmouth jump into my boat at O'shay before. Didn't even realize it until we looked on the ground and saw it laying there, no clue how long it was there. Luckily it seemed to be alright and we got it into the water quickly.
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    Fishing with a friend we had 2 smallmouth jump in the canoe on the same trip. Funny thing was, neither of us caught a single fish that day.
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    I have been lucky enough to have been able to go out on the ocean on liveabaord scuba diving trips. We all had to take a two hour shift at night when anchored to watch for unexpected emergencies,( Like leaks drifting, sleep walking mates)
    One night I got up to go to the head(bathroom) and found the guy who was supposed to be on watch laying on the deck near the rear platform of the boat. Next to him was a couple of "flying fish". It was a full moon and he was back there enjoying he gleam off the water from the full moon,when he must have been hit in the head by one of these many flying fish in the area. At night it is part of the watchmans job to also pick up and toss back in the water all the flying fish. Old "fish head" didn't want to take night watch after that. Although he had a bad headache the next day Old fishhead did enjoy a great day of diving San Clemente Island.
    Enjoy ya'll(and don't forget to duck)
  12. Me, Dad and my Uncle were fishing for Skamania in Michigan in a 16' aluminum boat on the St. Joseph River. My uncle hooks one and fights it for a few minutes. It was about 20 yards downstream and made and incredible run right at the boat and jumped in and actually broke my uncle's left ankle, and his fishing rod.
  13. I had a Northern do something similar in Canada a few years back, I was throwing a jointed Rapala and fishing was slow, I got the lure right next to the boat and turned to say something to my uncle when about a 5lb Northern hammered it as it floated on the surface, he must have followed it back to the boat, scared the daylights(among other things) right out of me:p his boat rides low to the water as it is so the effect was even worse...or better depending on your view.
  14. jcrdust - Wow, it sure does make fishing easy when you have them jumping on the shore for you.
  15. I was in a canoe on my first trip to the boundary waters. I was 14 and I had never caught a pike and I was casting a spinnerbait in a shallow bay. After my second or third cast I lifted the spinnerbait out of the water. and held it about a foot out of the water as I was opening the bail of the reel to make another cast about a 3 lb pike jumped out of the water and grabbed the bait. I was so startled that I screamed like a little girl. I remember it was so peacefull and quiet that moment before it hit that I could hear the ringing of the blades as the water dripped off of them.
  16. Does it coun't as a caught fish? Thats the reel question.:)
  17. I was fishing Madison Lake a few yrs back with a jig from the bank. I pulled the jig out the water and a 2lb bass jumped out of the water and grabbed it. Scare the crap out of me