This copy of windows is not genuine

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  1. As if I didnt hate vista enough, now in the bottom of my desktop I get a watermark that says that my copy of windows is not genuine. Anyone out there getting this also. I bought my gateway brand new from bestbuy right when vista came out and it was installed on my pc as the original operating system, what is the deal with this crap! Of course the system didnt come with the disc, they wanted to charge me $75 for a backup disc, and I said screw you. If I have to rebuy this to fix the issue, Ill just save the hassle and instal xp. then my slow vista running machine that is super buggy will be a pretty fast, smooth operating machine with xp.
  2. Cant say I am. If you have a legit copy of Vista I don't see why you would get this. Try updating your version a few times. I know sometimes people think that one update is enough, but windows staggers the updates. So in order to get #3 you have to get 1 and 2 first. Try doing that a few times and see if it goes away. If not then it still shouldn't be a problem. If you have your cd-key sticker on your tower just contact windows an let them know whats going on. I know its a pain, but if it works then you keep vista.

    I think Vista is pretty good BTW. Better then XP. Apples an oranges.

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    Call microsoft...if legit, they will be able to manually add your authentication key to their database which will kill the nag.
  4. I went to m$ online site and they verified it as legit, but every once in a while it still pops up. I keep having disc read errors now too. everytime I swich users and there isnt anything going on, like downloading or charging a zune or ipod it will freeze then restart.
  5. Hmm strange. The only problems with vista i get is with streaming video. For some reason Vista doesn't like my modem.