This Cold Front

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  1. Anyone think this cold front is going to have them turned off tonight 5/12/08? I'm getting ready to leave work and plan to be on the road by 5pm for either Berlin, WB, or Mogadore. Maybe waders, Maybe boat, I just have that itch and some time. The Crappie or Walleye have to be hungry after this weekend right?
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  2. Big J

    I'm sure this front is messing everything up, just like every other front this year. Hey, give it a shot though, you may have a good day. You can never tell. You may catch one fish and it may be the fish of your life. I would just believe that it would be slow. We need a steady heat up.

  3. ...With all this run off i'll bet it looks like a cup of coffee with cream...and with this cold snap ...My guess WB won't be worth a dam for at least three or four days....But they are calling for more rain this week...
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  4. Decided on Mogadore last night. Waded a few areas, a lot of little gills, the shoreline is really choked off by the weeds and lillys in most of the areas I fished. I made my last move and started casting about 8pm till dark. After the last move I did real well on crappie, alot of small ones but almost a dozen that hit my 10" keeper mark. Glad i decided to go, the weather ended up nice after 7pm.
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  5. WPM


    Sounds like a lot of fun.
    What's it like for wading there? I was under the impression that Akron was pretty retentive about shore access. Are there areas that are ok?
    Were you using hip boots, full waders?
  6. Went to Berlin a.m. today. It took about an hour to get where I wanted to go. The fog was so bad that you couldn't see more than 50' in front of you. Water is stained and about 1' above summer pool. We did manage a few crappies in deep water. I wasn't able to find anything in the willows. But then again, I have little patience.

    Good luck. The water should start to clear up it we don't get any rain. Surface temp was between 58 and 60. Still colder than it was 2 weeks ago.