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  1. sitting around the campfire at kiser lake, cooking T-bone steak and a baked potato on the fire, drinking Miller High life from a solo cup,listening to the reds game on the radio watching the sunset. come on spring.
  2. ....hangin out on a sultry night in mid August on a Gravel bank along the river. beer is all drank up and starting to get the "munchies". its about 2am, cut up a peice of live bait and catch two nice fat channel cats. filet 'em up and slow cook the meat on a wet bark plank along the fire. thank god i brought the salt......

  3. This sounds like an average night for me in the summer, expect I bring a pork loin.
  4. oh guys, this brings memories! we were camping quite a lot this last summer, good times, good times! As much as I love Ohio from late April to November, something has to be done about the winter. Maybe Obama will help...
  5. last time i drove to indian lake from dayton, my alternator went out on my blazer on the way there. a new alternator,labor, and a tow cost me 300$ i was in the middle of no where on 235. had no choice but to pay it. no cell phone at that time. very expensive camping trip. but i got there that evening and all was good after that.
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    I have been lucky so far with mechanical troubles on our camping trips. The worst i have had to deal with is driving all over Baltimore looking for a 12" class C tire for the popup on a Sunday.